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The belief that the mother is completely responsible for the sex of the child is wrong, because the child
A. Gets sex determining chromosome only from the mother
B. Develops in the body of the mother
C. Gets one sex chromosome from the mother and the other from the father
D. Gets sex determining chromosome only from the father

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Hint: Presence of Y chromosome in zygote leads to development of male child.

Complete answer:In humans, females have two X chromosomes in gamete cells while in males, X and Y chromosomes are present. Presence of the Y chromosome is male-specific. The sex of the offspring depends on which gamete cells fuses with the female. 1. If the male provides X gamete the zygote would have XX chromosomes from which a girl child develops.
2. If the male gamete provided has Y chromosome then the zygote would have XY chromosomes from which a boy child develops.
3. X and Y both are sex chromosomes. As the female has XX combination, always an X-chromosome is contributed by her. So, the sex of the child completely determined by which chromosome is provided by the male.

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So, the correct answer is D. Gets sex determining chromosome only from the father.

Note:>Presence of X chromosome does not determine the sex of child directly while presence of Y chromosome directly indicates that the child would be male.