What is meant by a water divide? Give an example.

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Hint:A water divide is also known by different names like drainage divide, ridgeline, watershed, water parting, or height of land. Sometimes water divide acts as a natural border as it is easy to see and agree about. A water divide is of three types: Continental divide, Major drainage divide, and Minor drainage divide.

Complete Answer:
A water divide or a drainage divide is any elevated area of terrain that separates drainage basins into two parts. It can be a mountain, plateau, or any terrain which is separating neighboring drainage basins. A mountain range can act as a water divide and is known as a dividing range. A continental divide is in which each side of the water flows to different oceans. A major divide is in which the water on each side never meets but converges into the same ocean. A minor divide is in which the water on each side eventually joins into a river confluence. Sometimes these divides can be made due to valleys which lead to tribes or groups of people settling along the shores. Sometimes the water divides can form natural borders which can be defined as political borders between countries or cities.
Ambala is an example of a water divide. It is located between the Indus and Ganga river system.

Note:A water divide can be any upland which can act as a divider between the streams of water. It can either be an upland, plateau, hill, mountain range, or even a valley floor. The different types of water divide are characterized on the basis of how the water divide converges.