In which year, Air Prevention and Control of pollution act were amended to include noise as air pollution?

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Hint: The act deals with the preservation of air quality and the control of air pollution with a concern for the detrimental effects of air pollutants on human health. An important amendment to Air Act 1981 was made and the noise was recognized as an air pollutant.

Complete answer:
The Air Prevention and Control of pollution act was amended to include noise as air pollution in the year ‘1987’. Air pollution is the occurrence of any material or gas in the air in such a concentration that is harmful to man, vegetation, animals, and their environment. Substances which cause air pollution are termed as air pollutants. Air pollution is both natural and anthropogenic. Anthropogenic pollution comes from both mobile and fixed sources. Air pollutants coming directly from the pollution sources are called primary air pollutants like- carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide. The reaction between two or more primary air pollutants gives rise to secondary air pollutants like- ozone, PAN.

Additional information:
Causes of Air Pollution
-Chimneys of thermal power plants, smelters, and other multiple industries circulate particulate and gaseous air pollutants along with harmless gases such as N₂ and O₂.
-Pollutants from automobiles, locomotives, aircraft, and exhausts in cities constitute the major part of the total air pollution.
-Incomplete and complete combustion of the carbon contents of fossil fuelwood and charcoal produces CO and CO₂ along with SO₂.
-Natural sources include pollen, dust, and smoke which are emitted into the atmosphere.

So, the correct answer is ‘1987’.

-Pollution is any undesirable change in the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics of air, land, water, or soil. Agents that bring about such undesirable change are known as pollutants.
-We all depend on air for our respiratory requirements. Air pollutants reduce the growth and production of crops and cause the premature death of plants and also greatly affect the respiratory system of humans as well as animals.