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Identify the participle phrase in the following sentence-
Driven by hunger, he stole a piece of bread.
a) He stole a piece of bread
b) A piece of bread
c) Driven by hunger
d) No participle phrase

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Hint:A participle is formed with the help of a verb but acts like an adjective that modifies nouns or pronouns. A participle phrase is a phrase that consists of participles, modifiers, or objects to express a complete meaning or thought.

Complete answer:
A participle phrase includes both present and past participle forms.
Example- (1) Walking to the beach, John decided to buy an ice-cream.
(2) I have sung on the stage all my life.
Here, (1) is expressed in the present participle phrase, and (2) is expressed in the past participle phrase.
Let’s look at the above-given statement-
In the given question- We can conclude that ‘X’ stole a piece of bread, driven by hunger.
Now, let’s examine the given options-
Option a- ‘He stole a piece of bread’ is an independent clause that contains the finite verb ‘stole’. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option b- ‘A piece of bread’ is a phrase that talks about a common noun ‘bread’. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option c- ‘Driven by hunger’ is a participle phrase that describes the noun ‘he’. Hence, it is the correct option.
So, the correct answer is “Option c”.

Keep in mind, participle phrases function like an adjective that helps in modifying or describing a noun or a pronoun.