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Identify the correct category of the following adjective.
A) Appearance
B) Colour
C) Size
D) Shape

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Hint: Adjectives are the words that come before the noun and pronoun to describe their characteristics. There are various categories of adjectives that help us in identifying a variety of characteristics of the subject/noun/pronoun, be it good or bad. Word ‘immense’ means to be big or large.

Complete answer:
Let us analyze each option one by one.

Option A is ‘appearance’. The appearance of the noun/pronoun is also a quality associated with it. Therefore, it is a category of adjective. But according to the hint, the word immense does not describe the appearance exactly. Therefore, option A is incorrect.

Option B is colour. This category of adjectives talks about the colour of the noun/pronoun. Therefore, according to the hint, option B is also incorrect.

Option C is the size. The length, breadth, height, and other dimensions of the noun/ pronoun are included in this category of the adjective. Since, according to the hint, the word immense means something large/big, So, the correct answer is “Option C”.

Option D shapes. The word does not describe the shape of the noun/pronoun. Therefore, the word immense does not belong to this category of the adjective. Hence, option D is also incorrect.

Note: An adjective can seem to belong to more than one category of the adjective. But it needs to be keenly analyzed to which category the word most suitably belongs. This will help in identifying the most suitable answer.