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Identify the conjunction in the following sentence-
As he was ill, I postponed the meeting.
a) ill
b) he
c) the
d) as

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Hint: A conjunction refers to a word that is used to connect clauses, phrases, or words to form a meaningful sentence. There are two given clauses in the above-given statement.

Complete answer:
As given in the hint, there are two clauses- As he was ill and I postponed the meeting in the above-given statement.
Clauses are sentences that include a subject and a predicate. There are two types of clauses-
Dependent clause refers to those sentences that lack a verb and express an incomplete meaning.
Independent clause refers to those sentences that have a subject and a verb and express a complete meaning.
The first clause- ‘As he was ill’ is an independent clause, because it expresses a complete meaning.
The second clause- ‘I postponed the meeting’ is a dependent clause because it expresses an incomplete meaning.
We use conjunctions to join two clauses. Hence, we have used ‘as’ in the above-given statement to produce a meaningful sentence.
Now, let’s examine the given options-
Option a- ‘ill’ is an adjective as it is used to modify the pronoun ‘he’. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option b- ‘he’ is a pronoun that acts as the subject in the given sentence. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option c- ‘the’ is a definite article that modifies the noun ‘meeting’. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option d- ‘as’ is a conjunction that is used to present the reason for the postponement of the meeting. Hence, it is the correct option.
So, the correct answer is “Option d”.

Keep in mind, a subordinate clause depends on the independent clause as it cannot stand alone. Also, the subordinate conjunction is used to join these two clauses.