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Identify the adjective form of the words in brackets to complete the sentence.

 The almost ________ (depreciation) remarks made by the politician against the group initiated an outrage.
a) Depreciatous
b) Depreciative
c) Depreciable
d) Depreciatory

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Hint: An adjective is a word used to describe a noun, it is usually put before the noun in a sentence. While a noun is the name of a person, place, animal or thing.

Complete answer:
Complete Step by Step Solution: Now that we know what an adjective and a noun are, we can clearly use the hit and trial method to find our answer. Looking at the sentence, it is very evident that the noun for which the adjective has to be used here is ‘remarks’.

The word given to us in the bracket is depreciation. This word itself is a noun and to convert a noun into an adjective, we make use of certain specific suffixes.

Option a, depreciatous, is not a correct word of English language, although the suffix used in this alternative is valid,So, the correct answer is “Option a”.

Option b, depreciative, means something which is tending to diminish or disparage, this word, can not be used with the noun given in the sentence, hence the second option is also incorrect.

Option c, depreciable, is defined as something which holds the capability to depreciate in value, now since the noun in the question demands of an adjective which is not similar to the meaning of this word, option c is also incorrect.

The last option, depreciatory, uses the correct suffix as well as means something intended to make a person or thing seem of little importance or value. Hence option d is the correct answer.

Although most of the options pass the restriction of having a correct suffix, yet they may not be relevant to the noun for which the answer is needed.