Find the synonym of the underlined word.
Most meat-eating animals use their teeth to seize and kill prey.

a. Attackers
b. nourishment
c. enemies
d. victims
e. carcass

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Hint: Synonymous refers to that which is compatible or similar to the word given. They can be out in place of another word, whenever and wherever necessary. The word, prey, refers to the one being hunted usually for food; it can also refer to victims of assault, killing or robbery. The one who hunts or hurts the prey is known as a predator.

Complete answer:
Now, considering the above options,
1. Attackers: Meaning - ones who hunt down their prey. Hence this word is not the answer. Eg: The attackers who were responsible for the theft were caught yesterday.
2. Nourishment: refers to any sort of food that enriches the organism and replenishes the energy that is required to run throughout the day. The landscape and availability of nutrients depends on the type of nourishment adopted by the organism.
3. Enemies: Meaning- those who are often out to harm others.Usually they are people who compete or to satiate their desires against one another.
4. Victims: refers to those that are prey to various sorts of assaults, violence and are harmed. This is synonymous to prey.
5. Carcass: refers to the dead body of animals. There are often carcasses thrown about after hunting or even those due to natural causes.
Hence, Option d, victims is the answer.

Note: Elimination is quite easy in this case since, most of the words refer to the opposite of the word given here. “Attackers” related to predators, “nourishment” for food requirements, “enemies” for those who have strong feelings against each other, “carcass” for dead animals and “victims” for one under negative pressure. It is easy to relate the word but using trial and error replacement of each word which does not change the meaning.