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Find out the time taken by a bus to reach from one point(A) to another point(B) which is at a distance of 2160 km from each other if it is travelling at a speed of 60km/hr.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Make use of the formula of speed and from this obtain the formula for time and find out the answer for this question.

Complete step-by-step answer:
 Given that a bus has to travel a distance of 2160 km to reach from one point to another
Also the speed of the bus is given as 60km/hr

We have to find out the time taken by a bus to reach it’s distance

We know that speed is given by the formula $Speed = \dfrac{{Dis\tan ce}}{{Time}}$
                                                                             $ \Rightarrow Time = \dfrac{{Dis\tan ce}}{{Speed}}$
So, from this we get $Time = \dfrac{{2160}}{{60}}$ =36

So, the time taken by the bus to travel from point A to point B=36 hours

Note: Here, we had to find out the time with respect to the speed and distance which was given, if we had to find out some other quantity, then we have to modify the formula accordingly and solve it