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Last updated date: 25th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

Differentiate between the Western and the Eastern Ghats

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Hint: Deccan Plateau is one of the landmasses of India It is bordered by the Eastern Ghats on the Eastside and by the Western Ghats on the west.

Complete answer:
Ghats refer to the stepped mountains with valleys in between them. They are also referred to as difficult passages or it also refers to the mountain ranges themselves. Ghats also refer to artificially terraced riverbanks used for religious purposes, bathing and also to ferry landing.

Differences between the Western and the Eastern Ghats:
Western GhatsEastern Ghats
1.The western ghats are continuous chains of mountains and can be crossed through passes only.1. The Eastern ghats are not continuous and are cut by rivers falling into the Bay of Bengal.
2.The height ranges from 900-1600 meters.2.Their height is lower than the western ghats, height ranges from 600 to 900 meter
3.Most of the Peninsular rivers originate from western ghats.3. No major river originates from Eastern ghats.
4. The soil is highly fertile.4. The soil is not so fertile here.
5. The onset of monsoon is felt by the western ghats.5. The retreating of the monsoon is felt here in October and November.

-The mountain slopes in the eastern ghats have sparse forests containing valuable timber.
- The heavy rainfall in the western ghats has produced dense forest.
- Western ghats are considered as one of the biodiversity hotspots which contains a lot of flora and fauna which is only found here and nowhere else in the world.