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One cusec is equal to how many liters?

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Hint: In the question liters is the word that tells us about the unit measured for liquids. Thus we generally use this term “cusec” to measure the flow of water from dams, rivers and canals. So let's get the exact idea.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Cusec stands for or we can say it is abbreviated as cubic feet per second or cubic feet per second.
But in the question, it is asked in terms of liters. So 1 cusec unit equals 28.317 liters of liquid flow per second.
This is elaborated as in one second the flow of water is 28.317 liters from the pipe or door of the dam we can say.
Thus 1 cusec = 28.317 liters
So, the correct answer is “1 cusec = 28.317 liters”.

Note: We also know that TMC is the most commonly heard word in case of water flows. This is also a unit to measure water flows in huge amounts.
Thus TMC stands for thousand million cubic feet.
And the relation between cusec and TMC can be given by, 1 TMC= 11,000 Cusecs
We also know that a gallon is also one of the units for measuring the water storage.