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Last updated date: 29th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

Explain why $13233343563715$ is a composite number?

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Hint: A composite number is a positive integer. Which is not prime (that is which has factors other than $1$and itself). So if you have to check if a number is composite or not, then you have to find it’s factor other than $1$and itself.

Here the given number is $13233343563715$.
We can clearly say that it has factors other than $1$and itself also, because you can see it’s unit place digit is $5$and from law of divisibility it is always divisible by $5$.
You should have knowledge about the law of divisibility of $5$,any number which is ending with $0$or $5$will be always divisible by $5$.
So this number has a factor $5$other than $1$and itself so the given number is a composite number.

Note:Whenever you get this type of question the key concept of solving is you should have knowledge about how to check composite numbers and also knowledge of law of divisibility of numbers. For a number to be composite it should have a factor other than $1$ and itself.