Choose the option which means opposite of the given word:

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Hint: Gnome is a legendary dwarf supposed to guard the earth's treasures underground. In stories, a gnome is an imaginary creature that is like a tiny old man with a beard and pointed hat.
So, according to the question, the opposite should mean large or big.

Complete step-by-step answer:

 Option a ‘Gloom’ is a noun which either means total darkness or a state of depression as per the demand or requirement of the sentence. This option is incorrect because it does not mean the same as the opposite of the given word should mean.
Option b ‘Casual’ means to be relaxed, friendly, and unconcerned. The word Gnome talks about a dwarf and so the opposite should be the opposite of the character of a dwarf. So, this option is also incorrect.
Option c ‘Small’ means something that is less than normal or usual in size. So, this option also is incorrect.
Option d ‘Giant’ is the correct opposite. It is exactly the opposite of the given word’s meaning. Giant means a very large size or is a term given to a mythical creature who is of great size.

Note: Read the question properly. Mistakes are committed when both the antonyms and synonyms are given in the options.
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