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a) Tabulate the differences in the characteristics of states of matter.
(b) Comment upon the following:
Rigidity, Compressibility, fluidity, filling a gas container, shape, kinetic energy, and density.

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Hint:There are three states of matter which are solid, liquid, and gas. The conditions of issue are compatible for example a substance can be transformed from its solid state to its liquid state and the other way around. Changes from the liquid state to the vaporous state and the other way around are likewise conceivable.

Complete step by step answer:
1) ShapeThey have definite shape and volume.They don’t have any definite shape. Fluids achieve the state of the vessel where they are kept. Gases don’t have any definite shape.
2) RigidityHighly rigidLess rigid as compared to the solidsNot rigid
3) CompressibilityNegligibleLowVery high
4) FluidityDo not flowFlow from a higher level to a low level.Flow in all directions
5) Filling a gas containerDo not need a container to contain themNeed a container to contain them.Take the state of the holder wherein they are kept. Need a container to contain them. Gases fill a container completely.
6) Kinetic energyLeast kinetic energyFluids have more vitality than solids but not as much as gases.Maximum kinetic energy
7) DensityHighest densityLiquids have a lower density than solids while more than gases.Lowest density

1) Rigidity: It is defined as the tendency of matter to resist a change in shape.
2) Compressibility: It is defined as the ability to be reduced to a lower volume when force is applied.
3) Fluidity: It is defined as the ability to flow.
4) By filling a gas container we mean the attainment of the shape of the container by gas.
5) Shape: It defines a definite boundary.
6) Kinetic energy: It is defined as the energy possessed by a particle due to its motion.
7) Density: It is characterized as mass per unit volume.

Note: The possibility to make a mistake is that normally three states of matter are present which are described above but at extreme conditions, two more states of matter will be present which are plasma and Bose-Einstein condensate.
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