Choose the appropriate synonym for the given word.
A. Strip
B. Conceal
C. Explore
D. Reveal

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Hint: Divulge often precedes the word secret, because it means to reveal something, and that something is often of a personal or private nature. The word comes from a Latin word for making something public to the masses. For example, a father could divulge to his son that he was adopted.

Complete answer:
To choose the correct antonym for devilish first analyze all the options,
A. Strip - remove all contents or possessions from, or empty completely
When you strip something, you leave it bare. The word strip can refer to removing a covering — like your clothes or like when you strip your sheets from your bed.
E.g. “strip a wall of its wallpaper”

B. Conceal - prevent from being seen or discovered
The verb conceal may be used to describe the hiding of feelings (“to conceal anger”) or facts (“to conceal identity”).
E.g. “She conceals her anger well”

C. Explore - travel to or penetrate into
You can also explore an interest, like when you explore Canadian art or explore an idea in order to understand it.
E.g. “explore unknown territory in biology”

D. Reveal - make visible
When we make something visible or make it public information, you reveal it.
E.g. “The actress will not reveal her age.”

Hence, after analyzing all the options we can conclude that option D reveal is the correct synonym for divulge.

Note: The verb reveal comes from the Latin word revelare meaning "unveil," like when you take off your hat to reveal your new haircut.