Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Science

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Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Science

It is a known fact that the students who score well in board examinations have vast knowledge and stronghold of the concepts. These concepts are built from solving questions of science last year paper class 10 to cover each topic. Moreover, solving question papers also tests your speed and recapitulation power. So in order to strengthen your fundamental concept and speed, it is important to practise previous years question paper. You can download Previous Year question papers of Class 10 Science from this page. This will also help you in further competitive exams as it makes you basics strong. Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials for students. Maths Students who are looking for the better solutions ,they can download Class 10 Maths NCERT Solutions to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Give me a brief idea about the Class 10 Science?

A. Science is a very interesting subject full of interesting facts.  So, Class 10th students who want to build their career in this field must have a strong foundation and also score good marks in Class 10 science exam. To do that, they should have a brief knowledge about the Class 10 Science syllabus. There are a total of five units in Class 10 Science - 1) Chemical Substance – Nature and Behaviour, 2) World of Living, 3) Natural Phenomena, 4) Effects of Current, 5) Natural Resources.

2. Where will get the last ten years’ question papers for Class 10 Science?

A. You will get the last ten years’ question papers (sometimes even more than that) for Class 10 Science on our website (Vedantu) in PDF format, which you can download easily. You can also download our app from the play store and access all the previous years’ question papers in PDF format for absolutely free of cost.

3. What are the advantages of referring to these CBSE previous years question papers for Class 10 Science?

A. Class 10 Science previous years' question papers serve as one of the most important sources to gain an insight into the types and pattern of questions asked over the years. Many times questions are repeated directly or indirectly in the board examinations. Hence referring to these previous question papers will help all the students to gain confidence and score good marks in exams. However, you may find a change in the pattern of examination or format of paper may have changed in comparison to the previous years. But there is no change in the subject material taught in Class 10. The syllabus might have been updated a little bit. But most of the portion remains the same. So, questions asked in the last ten years’ exam papers hold their importance for the 2021 CBSE Class 10th board exams as well. Moreover, the previous years' board exam papers have always been considered as a definite way of covering the entire syllabus in a more effective and efficient way.

4. How can I get the solutions for these previous years’ question papers?

A. As mentioned earlier, Vedantu provides the PDFs of more than the last ten years’ question papers on its website. Along with that, they also provide the solutions PDF for all the previous years’ question papers of Class 10 Science. You can download those as per your convenience and be prepared for the exam.

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