Previous Year Question Paper of CBSE Class 10 English

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Last Year Question Papers of CBSE Class 10 English - Free PDF

Solving previous year question papers has plenty of benefits; it helps in smart revision, understanding exam pattern, analyzing important questions and a lot more. Students must practice as many questions as possible once done studying a particular subject or chapter. Solid preparation is extremely crucial for important examinations like Class 10 Board exams. Class 10 is a deciding year on which a lot of future career rewards depend on. Hence, it is important to score good marks in the 10th grade examination. Class 10 syllabus plays a crucial role in building subject knowledge. 

Students appearing for the Class 10 Board exam often pay less attention to language papers. However, English is a compulsory subject in all the English medium CBSE and ICSE schools and schools that follow state boards. Scoring well in English helps to give a major hike to your overall percentage. Not only that, if you show genuine interest in the subject, it will increase your fluency in the language. Apart from mainstream career options that the study of science and maths provide, there are a plethora of career options for students interested in language papers. 

Vedantu has a pool of experienced teachers who specializes in the subject to mentor students who are facing difficulty in understanding the subject. We also provide the PDF version of previous year question papers free of cost. Students can download NCERT Solutions PDF and start practising for the exam. English Class 10 CBSE paper requires thorough practise in order to be able to write answers correctly. Practising previous year papers will help you analyze the type of questions asked and you will also be able to understand your weak points. The more sets you practice, the better your knowledge of the paper will be. Download all the previous year question papers from our website and solidify your exam preparation. 

Scoring high in language paper seems challenging for many students. However, with regular practice, you can score well in English. We, at Vedantu, offer all the needed guidance and tips and tricks to get good marks in the subject. Our subject matter experts help to understand how to write answers that will impress the examiner. Class 10 English paper demands practice as it evaluates your command over the language and communication skills. It is imperative to have a grip over the paper in order to score well and this can only be achieved when you solve enough previous year papers as well as sample question papers.   

English for CBSE in Class 10 has a two-fold objective. One paper focuses primarily on the communicative aspect of the language and understanding the building blocks of the meaning behind communication. The other paper focuses on language and literature, with specifics on grammar and sentence construction, as well as a larger understanding of long read texts. Last year question paper of English CBSE class 10 illustrates this clearly, making it important to see that both aspects of the English language need to be studied. Reading through various passages, and solving the varied types of questions that are provided, can help you grasp the breadth of the syllabus. 


Class 10 English CBSE curriculum has two textbooks prescribed by NCERT: First Flight and Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader. First Flight is the main textbook of Class 10 English Language and Literature. The textbook has 11 chapters that include many prose and poems written by eminent writers such as A Letter to God, From the Diary of Anne Frank, The Proposal etc. The supplementary textbook includes 10 chapters. The Communicative English Class 10 checks students grip over the language and reading and writing skills.


Science Students who are looking for NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science will also find the Solutions curated by our Master Teachers really Helpful. You can also Download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths to help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: What are the different sections in the English communicative paper?

Ans:  There are a total of 3 sections in this paper. 

  • Section A is based on reading skills which cover around 20 marks in the question paper.  

  • Section B is based on writing skills with grammar which cover around 30 marks in the question paper. 

  • Section C is based on Literature which covers around 30 marks in the question paper. 

The total paper is for 80 marks. The Class 10 papers from Vedantu is the most preferred option for thousands of students. CBSE English Communicative Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper with solutions provided by Vedantu will be beneficial for the students to understand various aspects of the English paper.

Q 2: What are the chapters which are covered in the Literature section?

Ans: Class 10 English Literature is divided into two parts which are:

  1.  Poetry 

  2. Prose

The prose section contains the following chapters

  • A Letter to God

  • Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  • His First Flight

  • Black Aeroplane

  • From the Diary of Anne Frank

  • The Hundred Dresses I & II

  • A Baker from Goa

  • Coorg

  • Tea from Assam

  • Mijbil the Otter

  • Madam Rides the Bus

  • The Sermon at Benares

  • The Proposal

  • A Triumph of Surgery

  • The Thief’s Story

  • The Midnight Visitor

  • A Question of Trust

  • Footprints without Feet

  • The Making of a Scientist

  • The Necklace

  • The Hack Driver

  • Bholi

  • The Book That Saved the Earth

The Poems section has the following chapters

  • Dust of Snow

  • Fire and Ice

  • A Tiger in the Zoo

  • How to Tell Wild Animals

  • The Ball Poem

  • Amanda!

  • Animals

  • The Trees

  • Fog

  • The Tale of Custard the Dragon

  • For Anne Gregory

Q 3: How to attempt the grammar and writing section?

Ans: In the grammar and writing section, format plays a major role in scoring marks in the writing section. So, remember the format carefully.

  • Plan your way of presentation, and then organise it well with grammatical accuracy, appropriate spellings and words, consistency and relevance. Picturise the story on given outlines carefully and do not go out of track. Have a clear idea of how to write letters and what to write. Elaborate it in the first, second and third paragraphs.

  • Answer the passages carefully with proper grammar by reading and understanding the meaning. Do not fill the blanks randomly without comprehending the questions/passage. Read the words/phrases carefully to write grammatically accurate sentences.

Q 4: How Vedantu’s previous years’ English question paper will help me with the exams?

Ans: At Vedantu, we understand the necessity of practice and, hence, we provided you with the CBSE Class 10 English Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions. We also help you with the free pdf download as well for CBSE last year English Paper Class 10 board question paper, so that you can print it out, and appear for a mock examination by yourself.

At Vedantu, we desire to change the age-old ways of education as it has become inefficient. Getting enough practise by solving CBSE previous year question papers class 10 English is something we, at Vedantu, believe in strongly. By practising CBSE Class 10 English Question Paper on a regular basis, students can overcome the fear of exams. This will also aid them in the pressure of taking a real exam.

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