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Friction - A Necessary Evil

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Friction is an integral part of daily life; you can see several instances around where friction exists. When two surfaces slide across each other, friction works as a force between two of them. Also, when an object moves, its moving direction and the direction where friction happens are always opposite to each other. 

Friction can be useful for a lot of reasons, and in some cases, you would want to prevent it from happening. It entirely depends on the requirements, for instance using oil for reducing friction inside a car engine. It helps with less wear on the car's moving parts, and you can also lessen the heat inside the engine. 

So, even though it's an important part of Physics, why would you call Friction and Frictional Force a Necessary Evil? Here are some remarks that substantiate this point. 

Types of Frictional Force

Even though the Frictional force can cause a lot of hindrances, this deserves a decent amount of attention to understand and attain good marks. The chapter consists of a lot of information regarding how friction works, how it can be reduced, factors affect the frictional force, its different types, etc. 

The frictional force has different types according to the surfaces it is working on. For instance, in the case of solid surfaces, these types will be Static, Rolling, Kinetic, and Sliding Friction. When it comes to fluids and gases, it can be called Fluid Friction.  

Disadvantages of Frictional Forces

While calling Frictional a Necessary Evil, it's better to start with the disadvantages that this brings. Since this is the force that resists the relative motion of fluid layers, solid surfaces, etc. that are sliding across each other, it becomes impossible for human beings to move due to its existence. 

Every car owner suffers due to constant repairing and maintenance of the vehicle as the frictional force makes it wear down. Even it is the same for human beings, for instance, when you fall down, that particular part of your body gets wounded that the ground surface was in contact with. It happens due to friction, and you suffer from those scratches and injuries. Had it not been there, you could slide away, and those injuries would not have happened. 

While driving vehicles, it requires an extra effort to move them because of the presence of frictional force. It is there between you and the surface, even between you and the air you are moving through. If it were possible to avoid that frictional force, driving would have been easier and less energy-consuming. 

Therefore, considering all these negative aspects, you can always state that Frictional Is A Necessary Evil. 

Advantages of Frictional Forces

Even though there are so many cons associated with friction, it is still very much impossible to live without its presence. Imagine a world without frictional forces, where you won't be able to move your vehicle since there is no friction between the road and your car or bike. Same goes for walking as it helps to prevent sliding and holds the grip. 

It is evident that friction exists everywhere from lifting a book to writing with a pen. The absence of frictional force would make it impossible to get all these works done since you won't get any grip. Driving on a frictionless surface is impossible since your vehicle will be sliding away or probably staying in the same place. 

Considering this an essential part in Physics has innumerable reasons. Still, at the same time with so many disadvantages, it will not be entirely wrong to call Friction and Frictional Force a Necessary Evil.

FAQs on Friction - A Necessary Evil

1. Why Would You State that Frictional is a Necessary Evil in Physics?

Ans. The importance of friction in human lives is necessary as a frictionless surface would not allow people to move. It will be like putting oil all over the floor where everything will keep sliding away. In order to establish a grip, it is important to have a frictional force to prevent things from slipping and falling down. 

However, with so many necessary elements associated with friction, it still works as evil at times. This chapter of Physics states how frictional force generates an excessive amount of heat inside car engines and can be risky. It also explains how it slows down the movement as it works in the opposite direction, including instances like forest fires, etc.

2. What are the Important Sections the Friction Chapter Comes With?

Ans. Being one of the important chapters of Physics frictional is a necessary evil for daily life. The amount of energy consumption happens due to friction, could have been avoided if it did not exist. 

Although, the existence of frictional force is equally essential to overcome the loss of grip. In the chapter Friction and Frictional Force, several instances have been introduced why it is an integral part of human lives. You also get a hold of different types of friction and how it can be reduced to make things convenient. 

3. What Happens When You Reduce Friction?

Ans. Friction occurs when two different surfaces slide across each other and in order to reduce that you also need to minimize the contact between those two. 

There are ways like putting a slippery fluid or lubricant on any of those surfaces or objects. Also, polishing those surface areas is another way one can apply so that the roughness decreases and you get an even surface to work on. 

When you reduce friction, you save a lot of energy that is required to move an object. As friction slows down the process of moving something, it is necessary to minimize it to avoid the resistance. 

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