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Physics App for Students

Class 12 is an alpha stage of your life. This standard is a door to the upcoming opportunities in your career. So, scoring well in a tough subject like physics becomes a preeminent task for the board students. 

These days, a trend of using the Physics App as a study resource has become popular. Many app builders do their best in reaching their study materials to the students worldwide. Now, the confusion arises in searching for reliable notes and concise solutions to numerical problems. 

Don’t worry; you made the right decision in downloading the ‘Vedantu App’ as your studying accomplice. Now, we will discuss the features of our App.

Best App for Physics Class 12

Best Advantage:  An educational app to provide free access to reliable studying materials, live classes, concise, and easy-to-understand solutions to the SELINA (for ICSE board) and NCERT (for CBSE board).

The application covers the fundamental topics that are there in Class 12 board exams. These notes will also help you prepare for the premium entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, and state-wise exams like KCET, EAMCET, and many more.

We provide a dynamic environment for corroborating constructive concept-learning for all students. We promote a unique live-in class limitless doubt solving feature to help students (who can’t afford to pay huge fees) prepare well at their pace. 

Our subject-matter experts have years of experience in teaching and keeping in mind the understanding of every student; they have prepared chapter-wise Selina and NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics. 

Under our Complete Study Package, you can avail of the following benefits:

  • Updated syllabus of all boards and the higher-level entrance exams like JEE and NEET.

  • Previous Year Question Papers for all the boards, be it CBSE, ICSE, TSBSE, MSBSHSE, MPBSE, BSEB, TNHSC, and many more.

  • Sample Papers for practicing: A complete set of questions with high weightage and repetitive questions are highlighted.

  • Revision Notes

The best studying resource to brush up previously learned concepts.

  • Formula Sheets: Sheet includes all the fundamental formulas.

  • Our subject-matter experts have provided solutions to the best publisher’s books like Pradeep’s for Class 12 Physics, HC Verma (Volume-I & II), DC Pandey.

  • The other benefits include:

  1. Subject-wise detailed syllabus for all the classes.

  2. Latest exam pattern

  3. Marking scheme

  4. Weightage of all the topics.

  • You can attend live video lectures and learn any concept from India’s best teachers through our live sessions. We furnish a personalized learning experience to the students of all boards.

  • Our teachers also assist droppers in scoring well in the eminent exams like JEE and NEET.

  • We provide IIT and NEET crash courses, and Micro-courses as well.

  • You can attend All India Mock Tests from our learning App to test your preparation. After submitting the exam, you will get a complete analysis of your result. It will include the following things:

  1. This mock test will work as a simulator to help you get an estimation of your overall performance.

  2. You will get an estimated All India Rank on the real-time leaderboard.

  3. You will get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Your improvement areas.

  5. Your marked responses: you can see the correct answer to the corresponding wrong answer. Below you will find the application to help you understand why your chosen option was wrong.

  6. Solutions to all the questions are also provided to check out the different ways of solving problems.

With these features, we are sure; by now, you will consider Vedantu App as the Best Physics Learning App. 

Vedantu App: The Best App to Learn Live Online

‘Vedantu App’ is a Live learning App, which provides Quality Education in the comfort of your home for free.

We have created an avant-garde technology to power the following premier features on Vedantu:

  • Live audio-video connection is possible between teachers & students with low internet bandwidth (low internet usage).

Millions of students residing in remote areas of India got benefited from our technology. We feel so good at this.

  • WAVE (whiteboard Audio & Video Environment) is a built-in house technology. It is just like a notebook shared between the teachers and students. Through this, a teacher explains the topics to create a real-classroom environment. This technology makes learning interactive and user-friendly. Both teachers and students can write and upload images to explain/ask concepts/questions.

  • You can replay every live session between the teacher & the student for revision.

  • Learning Management Tools: The best app that provides content-creation, sharing of notes, assignment, & objective test for evaluation. 

  • Performance reports for both students & Parents: A nonparallel comprehensive & feedback reporting system to help teachers share regular updates & feedback to students on their performance and learning outcomes.

  • Vedantu app is accessible on all mobile devices.

By all these merits, we are sure that by now, you will be consistent with us on the technological advancement that our RDX team is working on to bring distinction in the method of teaching and learning.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question1: Is Vedantu App Helpful for the Class Board Students?

Answer: Yes. It is helpful for the board exams.

  • For students aspiring to score high in the board exams, Vedantu has always marked its prominence in providing qualitative and trustable study materials to them.

  • Our subject-matter experts have prepared the notes that are on par with the latest CBSE syllabus. 

  • These notes will help you score 90+ in the upcoming board exam.

Question 2: Is Vedantu Paid?

Answer: Vedantu provides many live sessions for free; however, for getting a full-course for your exam preparation, you need a subscription. The prices for the same are available at

Question 3: Is the Vedantu App Safe?

Answer: Vedantu holds the responsibility of providing a safe environment for the students. The data provided by you remains confidential in our organization. 

  • We have advanced technology not only in content creation but also in security features. 

  • We consistently update our security features to promote safety and assure you to provide a seamless learning experience.

Question 4: Is Vedantu Helpful for JEE Students?

Answer: For securing a good rank in the IIT-JEE exam, Vedantu is the best companion in your preparation journey. 

All you have to do is, download our app to get the latest updates of the upcoming exams, free live sessions, latest revision notes, and a free consultation from our doubt experts.