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NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Download Free PDF of Question Paper with Answer Keys: NEET Sample (Model-5) available on Vedantu

NEET Sample Question Paper (Model-5) with Answer Keys for Physics, Chemistry & Biology solved by our expert teachers on By downloading the NEET Sample Paper with Solutions and Answers will help aspirants to score more marks in their NEET Examinations. Click here to download the NEET Previous Year Question Paper and NEET Important Questions for exam preparation.

The NEET is one of the most important national-level entrance exams taken by students seeking admission to medical schools. After high school, one must pass this exam to be admitted to a BDS or MBBS program.

To pass the NEET 2024 exam, students must understand the topics covered in the NEET Syllabus as well as the NEET 2024 sample paper pattern.

On Vedantu, you can find NEET Sample Question Paper (Model-5) with Answer Keys for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology solved by our expert teachers.

NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download: Key Features

  • Downloading the NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys can help aspirants improve their NEET exam scores.

  • Vedantu's answer key is widely regarded as the greatest available resource for performance analysis and evaluation.

  • Vedantu's NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys is regarded as a valuable tool for improving time management, accuracy, and readiness to answer any type of question.

NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download: Benefits to the Students

  • By completing NEET sample papers, you will determine your level of preparedness and areas for improvement.

  • Referring to Model 5 sample papers will not only assist students in preparing for the exam but will also enable the administration to evaluate a student's aptitude for becoming a medical student.

  • With the assistance of the model papers, students will be able to overcome their fear of tests. It will teach students how to manage their stress, anxiety, and pressure.

FAQs on NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys

1. Why should I work on NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys?

You should solve sample papers if you wish to be a part of the NEET 2024 class for the following reasons:

  • It helps in keeping you at your required pace with the NEET test format

  • It will help in keeping the track of your progress and performance

  • It will contribute to your ongoing effort of improving efficiency in all aspects

  • To gain a sense of the type of questions that will be asked in the next test

  • It serves as a reminder to students that they must practice with the sample papers and must complete them. This repetitive process serves as an excellent resource for practising and assessing.

2. Is it necessary to refer to NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys for the 2024 exam?

Each student should be familiar with the NEET key questions. You can verify the questions and answers on the Vedantu website, which is browser-based. 

By studying these questions, a student can have a competitive edge over their counterparts. Additionally, students will be capable of comprehending the appropriate method to take when responding to any question. 

Remember, the more cognitive ability you develop, the easier it will be for you to adopt the NEET question-answering style. As a result, it will assist students in obtaining admission to private and public medical schools throughout the country based on your ranking.

3. Which previous year's sample question papers should I practice with to be prepared for NEET 2024?

Candidates studying for the National Level Medical Entrance Examination (NEET) must solve at least five years' worth of NEET question papers. 

It is recommended that you refer to the NEET Sample (Model-5) Question Paper with Answer Keys supplied by Vedantu before starting your preparation. The solution key has been produced by Vedantu's professionals, and as a result, it will be of more assistance to students. 

It is much more convenient to refer to Model papers rather than going through the entire syllabus immediately before the exam.

4. What are the application criteria to apply for the NEET exam?

  • To be eligible to sit for the NEET exam, students must meet the requirements listed below.

  • Candidates applying for NEET must be at least 17 years old to be considered.

  • The top age restriction for NEETs has not yet been established.

  • They must have finished or sat in their 12th Board test or an equivalent exam before applying.

  • The courses of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English must have been taken as obligatory subjects in their +2 education.

  • NEET is open to Indian citizens, foreign nationals, OCIs, NRIs, and Permanent Residents of India (PIOs).

5. What is the time limit set by the authorities for answering the questions on the NEET question paper, and what types of questions are typically posed in the NEET exam?

Students have three hours to answer the questions in the NEET exam, according to previous experience. Typically, students were required to respond to a NEET question that was derived from the NCERT syllabus for classes 11 and 12.

6. What percentage of questions in the NEET exam are repeated from prior years' papers?

Except for one or two exceptions, the exact questions from the previous year's examinations do not reappear in the NEET exam. When it comes to NEET, questions of the previous year's style and format with slight variations in data are usually asked.