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AIIMS 2018 Question Paper with Solutions (Morning and Evening Shift)

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Question Paper with Solutions (Morning and Evening Shift) AIIMS 2018

We, at Vedantu, have provided solutions to the Question Paper of AIIMS by keeping in mind - to provide you with detailed solutions to all the questions. All our study materials and question answers for AIIMS are available for free and it is easily downloadable in PDF format. We have Question Papers of AIIMS from 2015 to 2019. The PDF is free and will help you to prepare well for your exam. 

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is the most prestigious medical college in India. Every year, it conducts an entrance exam for undergraduate students to increase their intake capacity.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a public medical college in New Delhi that offers courses in medicine and related subjects. The institute was established in 1956, and its main campus lies in the south-eastern part of Central Delhi. It has been ranked as one of the best medical schools in India by various publications such as Time magazine, Newsweek, Reuters, and The Guardian. AIIMS 2018 Question Paper Practice will help you prepare for your exams with free practice Question Papers for students who are studying at AIIMS or planning to take up this course elsewhere.

Difficulty and Pattern of AIIMS 2018 Question Paper:

The Question Paper for AIIMS 2018 was of moderate difficulty. The questions were from different chapters of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and were of the MCQ type.

The AIIMS 2018 Question Paper was based on the class XI and XII syllabus prescribed by CBSE. The questions were from different chapters of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and were of the multiple-choice question (MCQ) type. The difficulty level of the paper was moderate.

Some of the major topics covered in the exam were:


  • Electricity and magnetism

  • Wave optics

  • Thermodynamics


  • Organic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry


  • Cell Biology and bioChemistry

  • Human physiology

  • Genetics

Students found the paper to be of moderate difficulty and were able to answer most of the questions. However, there were a few difficult questions that students found tricky to solve.

Tips to Prepare for AIIMS Exam:

Understand the pattern: The AIIMS Question Paper is based on the CBSE class XI and XII syllabus. So, you must be well-versed with the syllabus before appearing for the exam.

Practice MCQs: Solving MCQs is an essential part of preparing for any entrance examination. You can practice solving questions from previous exam papers or even from your school syllabus.

Take mock tests: Taking practice tests will not only help you evaluate the areas in which you need to improve but also provide an idea of how much time is required for completing the paper.

Stay calm and confident during examination day: Your state of mind can have a direct impact on your performance. While preparing for the examination, you must maintain your calm and confidence. This will help ensure better performance during test days.

What to Avoid?

While taking an exam like AIIMS 2018 Question Paper, there are certain things that students should not do to increase their chances of success:

  • Avoid last-minute preparations: You must start your preparation well in advance and give yourself enough time to revise all the topics.

  • Do not panic if you do not know the answer to a question: There is no need to panic if you don't know the answer to a question. Simply skip the question and move on. You can always come back to it later.

  • Do not spend too much time on a single question: If you are unable to solve a question, move on to the next one and come back to it later. This will help you avoid wasting precious time on difficult questions.

FAQs on AIIMS 2018 Question Paper with Solutions (Morning and Evening Shift)

1. What is the difficulty level of the AIIMS 2018 Question Paper?

The AIIMS Question Paper is of moderate difficulty.

2. What are the topics covered in the exam?

The major topics covered in the AIIMS 2018 Question Paper were Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

3. Are there any tips to prepare for the AIIMS 2018 exam?

Yes. Some of the tips include understanding the pattern and taking mock tests.

4. What is the best way to avoid last-minute preparations?

The best way to not do last-minute preparation is by starting early with enough time in hand. This will help you revise all the topics well in advance.

5. What should one do if they are unable to solve a question?

You can come back to it later or simply move on and come back to it after solving other questions. This will help you save time for difficult questions.

6. How to manage time during the AIIMS Exam?

The best way to manage time is by skipping difficult questions and coming back to them later. This will help you save precious time which can be used for other questions.