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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 9 - Raam Aur Sugreev

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha NCERT Solutions for Chapter 9 Raam Aur Sugreev

Class 6 hindi chapter 9 Ram Aur Sugreev is a chapter from the epic, Ramayana. ncert solutions class 6 hindi Ram Aur Sugreev consists of answers to all the questions asked in the chapter. It consists of an easy to understand summary of the entire chapter which can be used for a quick revision by the students. Reading the entire  class 6th hindi bal ram katha chapter 9 can be an uphill task for students, so to help them in this   ncert solutions class 6 hindi bal ram katha chapter 9 is sure to come in handy. The chapter is explained using simple and effective language so you don't miss out on any important point from the chapter. It is definitely a good choice to consult the ncert solution of class 6 hindi bal ram katha chapter 9 to score well in your final examinations.


NCERT Solutions For Class 6


Class 6 Hindi - Bal Ram Katha

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Chapter 9 - Raam Aur Sugreev

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant Chapter 9 Raam Aur Sugreev PDF will be updated soon on this page.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 9 Raam Aur Sugreev

NCERT solutions for class 6 hindi bal ram katha chapter 9 Ram Aur Sugreev is written with the help of experienced teachers keeping in mind the CBSE guidelines. The answers to the questions are also written in accordance with the exam guidelines. class 6th hindi bal ram katha chapter 9 is foundational to improving your child’s understanding of the subject. Ramayana the epic is prescribed in class 6th to improve the reading and writing skills of class 6th students and prepare them for their higher education. Education and the daily struggle of coping with the academic pressure is sure to make any student anxious before appearing for their paper. Therefore, to facilitate a student’s education, while at the same time alleviating their pressure, the NCERT solutions have been crafted to ensure a student scores a higher grade without being crippled by the pressure of such exhaustive examinations.

Benefits of Ncert Solution of Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 9

Class 6 bal ram katha chapter 9 solution is designed keeping in mind the latest guidelines from the cbse and from the exam point of view. You will find cbse class 6 hindi bal ram katha chapter 9 solutions beneficial in your preparations for your final exams and a quick revision before the exam. Features of class 6 hindi bal ram katha ch 9 ncert solutions are in the following:

  • Comprehensive explanation to the entire chapter.

  • Answers to all the questions in the textbook.

  • Additional questions for practice included in the module.

  • Easy to understand language that is really helpful for clear understanding of the chapter.

Class 6th Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 9

Ram and Laxman continue their quest of finding sita. They are trying to meet up with Sugreev of the Kishkinda kingdom who is said to be taking shelter in the Rishimukh mountains. Sugreev is the younger brother of Bali, who is the monkey king and king of the Kishkindha kingdom. Sugreev is afraid that Bali might send mercenaries to kill him so when he sees Ram and Laxman he starts panicking but Hanuman gives him assurance and asks that he should go and check the situation first.

On meeting Ram and Laxman, Hanuman understands that they are allies. He brings them to Sugreev. Both Ram and Sugreev are in a similar crisis so they both agree to help each other. Sugreev gives Ram some of Sita’s ornaments she threw when Ravana's chariot was flying over the mountains.

Sugreev with the help of Ram agrees to challenge Bali to a fight, but suffers a humiliating defeat and comes running back. On returning  Ram tells him that both the brothers look very much alike and it was very difficult to distinguish them. The second time Sugreev challenges Bali and when Bali comes out of his castle, Ram pierces his chest with an arrow. Sugreev becomes the king of Kishkindha.

After becoming the king, Sugreev forgets his promise to help Ram and this makes Ram sad and angry. Hanuman tells Sugreev about his promise and he gives the order for the army to be called. But as more time passes by and nothing happens, Laxman comes to Kishkindha. This time Sugreev doesn't wait for his army and goes straight to the mountains and asks for forgiveness. He calls his monkey army and sends them in four different directions. Ram gives a ring to Hanuman, who is part of the group going south. On reaching the shore they find a big ocean. Jamwant asks Hanuman to remember his powers and make the jump.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 9 - Raam Aur Sugreev

1. Why were Ram and Sugreev in Similar Situations?

Ans: Hanuman figured that Ram and Sugreev were very much in similar situations and they both needed each other. Both of them were outcast from their respective kingdoms and both of them had lost their father. Ram’s wife sita was abducted by Ravana and Sugreev’s wife was being held by Bali.Both of them were in similar situations and were in dire need of help. Ram needed help in the search for Sita and Sugreev wanted his kingdom back.

2. What were the Arrangements Made for the Search of Sita?

Ans: The entire army was called upon which had lakhs of monkeys and bears. They were divided into four groups and sent to different directions as nobody knew where Sita was. The best guess was the Southern direction and therefore Hanuman was in this group. Ram gave a ring to Hanuman telling him that if he finds Sita, he must give it to her and she would know who he is. After the rainy season was over the quest began.

3. How can students use Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for the chapter “Ram Aur Sugreev” for revision purposes?

Ans: Along with NCERT Solutions, Vedantu also provides easy to comprehend summary of the entire chapter in simple English language. Students can use this summary to understand the chapter well and also get a quick revision. The summary is provided with every important detail concisely. they are the perfect revision tool that students can use in their exam preparation. Concise summaries can come in handy during exam revision. For the summary and solutions of the chapter "Ram Aur Sugreev", visit Vedantu Mobile app and Vedantu website. The solutions are free of cost.

4. Who advised Ram and Lakshman to look for Sugreev and why?

Ans: The giant demon Kabandh and Shabri both advised Ram and Lakshman to look for Sugreev. They thought Sugreev could be of significant help to Ram in finding Sita. Undoubtedly both were correct in advising Ram and Lakshman to do so. As we see in the chapter Sugreev provided Ram with a huge army to rescue Sita.

5. Why did Hanuman think that Ram and Sugreev could become good friends?

Ans: When Hanuman found out the reason for Ram's arrival to meet Sugreev, he thought that both of them could be good friends. He thought so because of the similarity between their situations. Both had been exiled from their homeland. While Ram's wife was kidnapped by Ravan, Sugreev's wife had been taken by his own brother. Both of them did not have a father. Hanuman thought both could understand the pain and agony of each other and could be of great help to each other.

6. Why couldn't Sugreev believe that Ram could win from Bali?

Ans: Ram looked like a simple peaceful man from his physical looks. Judging by his appearance, Sugreev thought that Ram couldn't compete with his powerful brother Bali. Bali was a very powerful man. Bali could uproot seven trees together in one go. Hearing this, Ram did not say anything and took out his arrow and shot at the trees. In one go, Ram's arrow uprooted seven huge trees. Witnessing this display of Ram's valour, Sugreev did not doubt that Ram could easily challenge Bali.

7. What lessons can we learn from Chapter 9 “Ram Aur Sugreev” of Bal Ram Katha of Class 9 Hindi?

Ans: "Ram Aur Sugreev" teaches very important lessons to the students. It teaches us the importance of focused determination. Ram had decided to rescue his wife from Ravan and no obstacle could stop him. It also exemplifies the pure love between a husband and wife. it also teaches us the importance of friendship and helping each other. Ram and Sugreev both displayed characteristics of mutual understanding, friendship, and brotherhood. Both helped each other in their time of need.