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ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 18 - Statistics

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Revision Notes for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 18 - Free PDF Download

“Statistics” is the method of assortment and arrangement of data in such a manner that it can be understood and showcased. We use statistics to make our littlest decisions. To get in-depth of this chapter, one must have a good grasp of the basics of this chapter when it eventually broadens in older classes to excel. 

For starters, you learn about what statistics is, the variable which means any quantity that varies and its types. Then, gradually it tells us about tabulation of data,i.e., representation of data in tabular form. 

The segment proceeds on to topics like frequency and how it's distributed into different types. To understand this, students should know about class intervals and class limits, and subtopics like adjustment, class size, and class-mark. The first section comes to an end with the concepts of cumulative frequency and cumulative frequency table. 

The upcoming section is about the graphical representation of data and studying it with the help of a histogram and frequency polygon. There is a slight difference between a histogram and frequency polygon. A histogram resembles a bar graph, with width definite spaces between every single data. But, in a frequency polygon, we join the upper middle points in case of making it with the help of a histogram) or without histogram (but for that, we will need to calculate the class mark and use it accordingly).

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Sections of Chapter 18 - Statistics

18.1 Introduction

18.2 Variable

18.3 Tabulation of data

18.4 Frequency

18.5 Frequency distribution

18.6 Types of frequency distributions

18.7 Class intervals and class limits

18.8 Cumulative frequency and cumulative frequency table

18.9 Graphical representation of data

18.10 Graphical representation of continuous frequency distribution


List of Exercises in Chapter 18 - Statistics


Exercise 18(A) - 13 questions

Exercise 18(B) - 5 questions


Revision Notes for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 18 - Free PDF Downloads

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FAQs on ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter 18 - Statistics

1. Where can I find the most detailed, yet short Study Material for ICSE?

Vedantu is your go-to site whenever you need anything. You can visit our website or use our app for downloading the free study materials without any hassle. These study materials are made by teachers with great experience and wisdom to make your basics better and the solved questions provided are personalized well for a high achiever just so you get to test your limits and better your skills. You can also register yourself for our maths tuitions and see the change for yourself! 

2. Which concepts in Statistics Chapter 18 are hard to deal with?

One may find it hard at first to implement the fundamentals of this chapter and calculate the values but as you and we have heard time and again, practice makes perfect! Try doing regular questions based on frequency, cumulative frequency, class intervals, and the tabular representations required. Students should also start using these concepts in real life which helps them to connect better with the concepts. Through this one is sure to get a good understanding of these concepts as well as this chapter.

3. What is the best way to prepare for Class 9 Maths Chapter 18?

Revise the concepts of Class 9 Maths individually and at the end of every topic do questions related to it, then move on to other topics and do the same, when all the topics and subtopics are covered then, in the end, take one whole practice test. This will help you to realize your mistakes and your weak concepts. Then revise again and continue the cycle of practice tests, highlight your mistakes and work on them. Slowly and steadily, this will enhance your Maths skills.

4. What are the advantages of attempting questions from ICSE before Exams?

Students get a chance to sit in an exam-like environment, where they can deal with pre-examination stress making it better for the time when they have to attempt one. This also ensures they learn from their mistakes and prepare for every question well enough making room for self-evaluation along with better time management and getting an idea about the question pattern which will eventually lead to no mistakes and yes, the best of grades and even better potential.

5. How can we calculate Adjustment in Chapter 18?

For calculating the adjustment or adjustment factor, we need to follow two steps. First, we have to find the difference between the upper limit of one class and the lower limit of the class ahead. The second step is to divide the obtained value by 2. The value thus obtained is known as the adjustment factor which will be further deducted from the class limits and this is how we get actual class limits or true class limits. These are also known as class boundaries.