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ICSE Class 9 Environmental Science Syllabus 2024-25 Examinations

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Environmental Science - Free PDF Download

Students are always waiting for some methods with the help of which they will be able to score some good marks in their examination. These days, having a top score is really important since it helps the students in higher studies. 


So, having some help in the form of a carefully-constructed syllabus can be a boon for the students. That is why it is our advice that students should look out for ICSE Class 9 environmental syllabus for their preparation in the best way. With the help of the syllabus, students can ensure that their preparation happens in the best way without any difficulty.

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Class 9 EVS Syllabus 2024-25 Exam PDF Free Download

  • Understanding our Environment

  • Living things in Ecosystems 

  • How Ecosystems work 

  • Kinds of Ecosystems

  • Water 

  • Air 

  • Atmosphere and Climate 

  • Soil and Land

  • People 

  • Urbanization 

  • Agriculture


How to Prepare for Class 9 EVS Exam?

Since we all know exams are in the near future, it is important for the students to start their preparation. It is always said that smart work helps you more than hard work. Students can download the PDFs available on the Vedantu website for free and these materials contain the updated syllabus and the important question PDF and it also has the patterns. It states the weightage of every question concept-wise. It is time for revision. Try attempting mock tests that are given on the Vedantu website.


The syllabus PDF given on the Vedantu website follows all the guidelines of the ICSE board. Thus, the questions will be similar to that of the main examination. Students can trust the website and start preparing for the environmental science exam without the mentor's guidance. 


Environmental science is one of the important subjects, it not only helps you score marks but also gives you awareness about the environment and how to take care of it. That is why this subject is given in grade 9. Because from this age students must be aware of how to treat the environment, how the natural environment works, and how humans interact with the environment. 


This subject also helps in analyzing a wide variety of environmental problems as well as other potential problems and its solution created by humans and other possible means. These problems include pollution control, alternative energy imbalance, and other natural resource management.


Therefore, environmental science focuses on environmental awareness that has to be created among students. This subject is an easy, theory-based paper and acts as a mark booster. Start your preparation right away, understand the importance of scoring better marks, and act wisely.


Advantages of Class 9 EVS Syllabus 

Below, you can find various advantages of Class 9 EVS Syllabus offered by Vedantu:

  • It helps gain knowledge about our natural ecosystem and the world we live in. 

  • It helps students understand the people and animals part of the diverse nature. 

  • Students can learn about human activities in depth.

  • It helps develop a sensitive attitude towards our environment.


Why Vedantu?

As mentioned above, knowing the syllabus and preparing accordingly will help you score better than others and will make you stand out from others. This is known as a planned preparation. Things will automatically align for you if you have a proper plan for the examination. Scoring better marks is one of the most important factors to build your career. Your mark sheet speaks everywhere. You can get placed in any reputed college if you have a decent score.


But, to score well, your base should be strong enough in the concepts. You have to make sure of getting strong in the fundamentals. Everything starts with a clear plan, and it must have a proper strategy. Certainly, the learning of the syllabus is important. You must know which concept to give importance to and also learn about its weightage. Hence, to help out the students with a clear explanation of what they are going to face in the exam, our team at Vedantu and the subject experts have posted a syllabus on our website. Students are recommended to make use of it. These syllabus materials are free of cost and students can download them for further use. 


Vedantu offers complete solutions for ICSE Class 9 EVS to help students understand the concepts thoroughly and do well in the exams. 

FAQs on ICSE Class 9 Environmental Science Syllabus 2024-25 Examinations

1. What are the Students Looking For in the Class 9 ICSE Environmental Syllabus?

Students are always on the lookout for the detailed chapters in the class 9 ICSE Environmental Syllabus and this is definitely something that they are going to get.

2. How will I Download the Environmental Syllabus for Class 9?

All you need to do is visit the official site of Vedantu and you will be able to download the environmental syllabus for class 9 in the best way. One of the best things about the syllabus is that it is available in PDF format and is absolutely free of cost.

3. Is the Syllabus for Environmental Science Class 9 Important?

Yes, the syllabus for environmental class 9 is extremely important for the students since it provides the details of the chapters that are to be included in the book. Students can use it to score good marks in their exams.

4. Why learn ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Environmental Science - Free PDF Download?

Well, this is the right stage and grade to learn about environmental science because of many important reasons. One of the main reasons is because, at this age, new knowledge is imbibed in students very easily. Knowing about the environment and how we interact with it becomes important as students are going to be responsible citizens of the nation tomorrow. If the values are instilled at this young age in every student, they will be staying permanently in their minds. 

5. Is there any negative marking for ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Environmental Science - Free PDF Download on the ICSE board?

There is no negative marking for this subject. But it is recommended to learn all the topics and be clear with the concepts. This is a theory paper, it requires a lot to write. Thus, time management is yet another factor that might lead you to lose marks. Having all this considered, one mark also means a lot and makes changes in your overall grade. It does not have negative marking, but students better not take a chance at it without preparing properly. 

6. What is the goal of ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Environmental Science - Free PDF Download and why is it added to the class 9 ICSE syllabus?

The goal of having an environmental science subject in grade 9 as a subject is to create awareness to the students about the environment they live in. The goals are to learn how the natural world works and are we a real threat to the environment, to learn how we, as humans, interact with the environment and its methodologies and also to understand how we humans affect and destroy the environment. This will make students more aware of the environment.