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Quadratic Equations Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Mathematics

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Quadratic Equations Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Mathematics (Concise - Selina Publishers)

Free download of step-by-step solutions for Class 10 Mathematics Chapter 5 - Quadratic Equations of ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers). All exercise questions are solved & explained by an expert teacher and as per ICSE board guidelines.

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Why are Solutions for Class 10 Mathematics important?

ICSE or the Indian Council for SecondaryEducation is known to be one of the toughest boards of education in Indian society. Even the textbooks prescribed by the ICSE board for the standard ten mathematics board exam, Concise by Selina, pushes the limits of students to try and do their best. Every chapter in the book is designed to make the students become more knowledgeable about an important topic that they might use in the future years of their education. A lot of the chapters in the textbook have long exercises with a large number of questions. Sometimes students might find it difficult to solve these hard questions and may require or feel the need for assistance. This is where the Solutions for Class 10 Mathematics Concise Seline for ICSE board comes in. These solutions available on the Vedantu website can help students when they are stuck on a particular question by not only showing them the correct method to solve the question but by also providing them with a deeper knowledge of the same. Vedantu solutions are created by subject experts who always keep the needs of the students first and try to formulate these solutions in a very easy-to-understand and follow language. The answers to the lengthy exercises are also arranged page-wise and serial number-wise for ease of convenience. Students can always refer back to these solutions again and again as they are downloadable for free and thus available offline. These solutions can help make the exam preparations very easy and help get the doubts of students solved quickly by a few strokes of the keyboard. The answers are clutter-free and to the point and created by keeping in mind the ICSE issued syllabus and the guidelines by CISCE. 

A quick overview of Chapter 5: Quadratic Equations

Chapter five of the Class 10 Mathematics syllabus for the ICSE board contains a lot of proof-based questions that the students learn how to solve along with topics like common factor, quadratic formula, roots of a quadratic equation, etc. This chapter is very formulae oriented and this requires a lot of practice hours to be able to succeed during the final exam. Quadratic Equations come under the unit of Algebra, which makes up the largest unit of the final board exam syllabus, carrying 19 marks in the 80 mark paper. The chapter also teaches students about the nature of roots and factorization. The chapter has a total of six exercises comprising a total of around a hundred and thirty questions. The exercises start from Exercise 5(A) on page number 54 and go on to about Exercise 5(F) on page number 67. 

How many units are there in semester one of Class 10 Mathematics for the ICSE board?

The syllabus for Class 10 Mathematics for the ICSE board is divided into two semesters. Both the semesters contain a certain number of chapters that the students are tested on for their internal assessment marks. The semester one syllabus contains 3 units namely: Commercial Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry. Each unit contains a certain number of chapters with Algebra being the largest unit with seven chapters. Units 2 and 3 that are Algebra and Geometry are repeated again in semester two with different chapters. 

How does the free download system work on the Vedantu website?

To download study materials from the Vedantu website, students need to open a web browser and access the Vedantu website. After opening the website or downloading the app from the playstore, students can select any board of education that they want to get the study materials for. Vedantu offers students study materials for CBSE, ICSE and State boards. All the students have to do to access these free downloadable revision notes, worksheets and solutions is to log in or sign up to the Vedantu website after which they can easily download any material and have the leisure of accessing them offline.

FAQs on Quadratic Equations Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Mathematics

1. Which chapter is the longest in the Class 10 ICSE syllabus?

Chapter 5 of the Class 10 ICSE board is one of the longest chapters in the mathematics syllabus for the board exam. It contains a total of 6 exercises encompassing up to 130 questions. Other chapters like Chapter 10 Arithmetic progression and Chapter 20 Cylinder, Cone, and Sphere are also large chapters with six and seven exercises each. Students can find solutions to all the chapters on the Vedantu website for free as downloadable PDFs. to download the solutions, students can access the Vedantu website from any browser and look for Class 10 mathematics solutions for Selina Concise under the ICSE tab. 

2. Where can I download the Quadratic Equations solutions for Class 10 ICSE?

Students can download the Quadratic Equations solutions for Class 10 ICSE board from the official Vedantu website where it is available as a free downloadable PDF. The syllabus from the Vedantu website is kept up to date for the convenience of the students who can download it and start planning their schedule for studying in advance. Acquiring the syllabus before starting your preparation for the exam is important as it allows the students to get an estimate of how much is left to study and how much is already done. This can help students to make a better study schedule and stay on top of it all throughout their preparation. 

3. What is the use of solving sample papers for Quadratic Equations for the Class 10 Mathematics board exam?

Solving practice papers of Class 10 Mathematics for the ICSE board can help students to become familiar with the paper pattern and get an idea about the types of questions asked. Usually, the ICSE board frames their own questions or derives them from reference books that 99% of the students' aren't aware of. Solving the papers will also help the students revise the syllabus and get them prepared for the exam by providing them with practice. Mathematics Class 10 sample papers are a good way for students to get an idea of the examination environment.