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Equation of a Line Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Mathematics

Last updated date: 18th Apr 2024
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Download the Solutions of Selina Concise Equation of a Line for Free

The chapter Equation of a Line is a very important chapter for the students of class 10 of ICSE board. Students should understand the concepts well and practice a lot to master the chapter and score high marks. The chapter includes the topics such as the straight line equation, inclination of a line, concept of slope (gradient), slope of a straight line passing through two given fixed points, slopes of parallel and straight lines, various forms of the equations of straight lines and finding x/y -intercepts of a given line.

You can also download the step-by-step solutions for class 10 mathematics chapter 14 - Equation of a Line of ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers) from Vedantu. All possible questions from this chapter are chosen by our team and subject experts and are solved with a detailed explanation. 

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Chapter 14 in Mathematics Selina Concise Textbook

This particular topic, chapter 14 in class 10 maths subject is a challenging concept. It is easy when understood properly. This concept of equation of a line solution - meaning that an equation in x and y whose solution set is a line in the (x,y) plane, i.e, the solution for x and y is found somewhere in the plane of (x,y). This topic is quite interesting when you learn with interest.

The most popular form of the equation of a line is the “slope-intercept” form. It has its own equation. As mentioned above, it is all about playing with variables and numbers. If you get it right, you are on the right track. There are several more equations and concepts under the topic “lines of equations”. The more you give importance to this particular topic, the lighter you feel while solving any further problems in the next topic.

Basically, the equation of a line is given by a single representation of numerous points on the line. The general form of the equation of a line is given by ax+by+c=0 and any point lying on this point must satisfy the equation. There are conditions in here that need to be noted,  the slope of the line and the point of the line. Remembering just these concepts, students can move further with the preparation.

Why Vedantu?

The materials that are posted on our Vedantu website are totally worth, closely analyzing with our team and subject experts. These are provided for free of cost and can be viewed as many times as possible. This has covered an entire problem with an explained solution which students can better understand.

Students, without the teachers, help, and guidance can understand the concept. They can appear for mock tests and evaluate themselves with their preparation. This concept is made as simple as possible for the ICSE students and is quite challenging for their IQ. They can also use these materials for homework purposes or when the students miss the class, they can refer to it and learn by themselves.

Hence, students can make use of this opportunity to download the step-by-step solutions for any problem that falls under the class 10 chapter 14 for the students in the ICSE board for free from Vedantu.

FAQs on Equation of a Line Solutions for ICSE Board Class 10 Mathematics

1. Is ICSE board maths difficult for class  10?

The ICSE board maths has a different standard when compared to other boards but is not difficult so don’t worry about it so much. When compared to other board subjects, ICSE possesses a high standard. This is because the board members set the syllabus and the question paper standard. So yes, ICSE students have to put a good effort and write the exam. The preparation must be planned and the execution must be proper in order to score high marks. 

2. Why is the equation of a line solution an important concept?

Line of the solution is an important concept because if you analyze the syllabus, you will find this concept has more weightage. Thus, to score higher marks, it is necessary for you to be prepared for this concept, and also this needs more practice. Without practice, students will find it difficult to score a decent mark. So, to get your deserving marks in this subject, it is mandatory for you to be thorough in this concept. You can download the free materials available on the Vedantu website and start preparing.

3. How can I prepare for the chapter 14 class 10 ICSE board?

To get good preparation there are certain rules that need to be followed. First, analyze the syllabus, know the topics in it, know the weightage of every concept and then you will know which one needs more focus and concentration to score better. Then go through the important questions that are available on the internet which gives you an idea to approach any question and then take up mock tests several times, this gives you enough confidence to face the examination. You can reach out to vedantu  whenever you have doubts on any topic and you can keep track of your progress.