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NDA Question Paper 2017 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2017 Download PDF

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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NDA 2017 Question Paper PDF Download

Solving and practising the NDA 1 and 2 question paper 2017 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas in which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA1 and 2 question papers 2017 pdf for free at Vedantu. 

Services Selection Board

The composite trial of UPSC NDA and NA was conducted in September 2017. The competitors who have equipped for the composed test will next need to show up for an Interview which will be led by the Services Selection Board (SSB) of the Ministry of Defence for Admission to Army, Navy, and Air Force Wings of the National Defence Academy for the 140th Course and for the 102nd Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) which will start on July 2, 2018.

NDA is a Training foundation and you are needed to be Physically Fit, Mentally solid, and have a solid and uplifting outlook towards life. In NDA, a cadet is trained how to walk, how to talk, how to eat (in the wreck), how to dress. They break you and make you a 5-year-old once more. Then, at that point, they reconstruct a more grounded you who is sufficiently able to lead his men from the front and face the shots on his chest. 

SSB is a field. When you show up for the SSB, you are decided by a Psychologist, GTO, and an Interviewing Officer in a limited capacity to focus for 5 days. They search for the accompanying Officer like Qualities Compelling Intelligence, Speed of Decision, Reasoning Ability, Power of Expression, Initiative, Courage, Cooperation, Sense of Responsibility, Stamina, Group Influencing Ability, Liveliness, Self Confidence, Determination, Organising Ability, and Social Adaptability.

Interview Process for SSB

The day of detailing at the SSB board, trailed by report check and structure filling (PIQ forms). You are assumed to report at the spot referenced in the call letter, for the most part, you are approached to report at MCQ (Moment Control Office). You won't see any trouble in doing so on the grounds that there are numerous different competitors who cover that very day, so you might track down a couple. 

  • Screening: The screening process is to get some likely candidates from every one of the individuals who have detailed for the specific passage. It comprises of many exercises like: 

  • Verbal and Non-verbal Test: Nothing hard, to be valid, doesn’t need any planning as well. However, it is in every case great to go totally ready, you can check some verbal and non-verbal example inquiries here. After this test, you will get some rest and later continue for PPDT. 

  • PPDT: this comprises story composing and conversation. You will be shown an image for 30 secs, later you need to compose a story dependent on the image you have found in 3 mins, from that point forward, you will be separated into sub gatherings of 14-15 individuals, right off the bat each up-and-comer will portray his/her story which is trailed by the gathering conversation on the image, among the gathering individuals. You can track down more subtleties here. Remember that PPDT is the main part that assists you with clearing screening and takes you to arrange 2 testings. 

  • After Effects of Screening: After the completion of PPDT, you will get some rest for 2-3 hours and lunch as well. Your screening results will be pronounced after it, chosen students are assigned with new chest numbers. The rest of the students get their TA and drop off to the rail route station or transport stand. 

  • Mental Test: It is a battery of projective tests, all tests are utilised to actually look at the mental reasonableness of the contender to be an official. Students are needed to compose their reactions dependent on the specific test. Here as far as possible is exceptionally pivotal , so you are needed to compose your first reaction on schedule. 

Vedantu prepares you for any exam that may come after giving NDA if you study diligently and work hard towards your goal. Students can connect with the professors of the crash course and can learn about various new fields and advancements there have been in and after giving NDA. 

FAQs on NDA Question Paper 2017 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2017 Download PDF

1. What did the NDA exam 2017 contain and where can I find the question papers?

The paper consisted of Engineering Level Mathematics, Scoring science, Moderate Geography, English, and Tough Current Affairs which  kept cut off under 293 (out of 900) for the NDA-II 2017 paper that took place on tenth September 2017. The candidates who have equipped for the composed test will next need to show up for an Interview which will be led by the Services Selection Board (SSB) of the Ministry of Defense for Admission to Army, Navy, and Air Force Wings of the National Defense Academy for the 140th Course and for the 102nd Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) which was initiated on July 2, 2018. A candidate can find the paper from 2017 from Vendatu’s app or site which provides you easy accessibility and swift download so that a candidate can pursue his passion. A candidate can find question papers from the Previous years for free from the official Vedantu website or the app. 

2. How to check NDA Question Paper 2017 | NDA 1 & 2 Question Paper 2017 Download PDF results? 

One can check results after giving the NDA test  in the following way

  • Stage One: Go to UPSC official site: 

  • Stage Two: Click on the Written Result, NDA, and NA II, 2017 connection in the What's New area. 

  • Stage Three: In the new window, click on the outcome record. 

  • Stage Four: A pdf will open with the roll quantities of the certified applicants. Check for your roll number in the rundown given. 

A candidate prepares for the test at the last minute. During the latest possible moment prompting the NDA test, students should chalk out their own procedure and follow that steadily. students should zero in on correction. They ought not to touch any new theme as it will cause disarray. Applicants should rehearse earlier year's NDA question papers to acquire commonality in regards to the sort of inquiries posed in the test, just as its trouble level. To speed up and precision, competitors should endeavour mock tests. A candidate should never keep preparing for the last minute but if that becomes the case, they should look at the notes too and stay prepared. 

3. Is it tough to crack NDA and serve the nation? 

A candidate requires a lot of willpower and dedication to crack NDA. It is even true that the exam is a tough one. But if you are someone who is very dedicated and will love to serve the nation then Vedantu is here to help you. We can provide you with all the necessary notes and mock tests along with question banks which are important and play a very crucial role in the development of a student as a whole. Though NDA is a tough exam but with proper preparation and time management students can easily work their way through and get selected in the most prestigious institutes. 

4. What subjects will I be taught if I take the Vedantu’s course? 

Students will provide it with a holistic point of view and hence will be taught almost every subject that is necessary for someone to crack NDA. Subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, social studies and English will be covered in our live classes. Special attention will be given to everything that comes in the exam, for example general abilities and knowledge. Studying with us will be a wholesome experience since you get to interact with people from different fields and learn about their experience well as they were preparing for their NDA exams. A student can also set for some demo classes that are always available on our official website too.