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NDA Question Paper 2021 - 2022

Last updated date: 15th Apr 2024
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NDA Previous Year Question Paper - Free PDF Download

Solving and practicing NDA 1 General Ability Test question paper 2021-22 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 1 General Ability Test question papers 2021-22 pdf for free at Vedantu.

NDA Question Paper PDF Download

NDA Question Paper PDF Download

NDA is a national entrance exam which is also called the National Defense Academy exam which is conducted yearly in two sections in order to find the right candidate for the Indian  Army, Navy, and Air Force. Each year about lakhs of students take part in this exam and only a few pass this competitive exam. Wondering how to crack this exam, then get help from Vedantu by referring to the NDA 1 General Ability Test Question Paper 2021-22 and some live coaching classes.

FAQs on NDA Question Paper 2021 - 2022

1. What is the selection process involved in NDA exams?

In order to recruit the best personnel in various posts of Army, Air force, and Navy to serve the nation, it is essential the candidates go through a tough selection process. IT is unlike any other selection process that a lot of students have seen and it is definitely not all that straightforward. The several stages that a candidate must go through in order to be an eligible candidate for NDA training. The stages that follow the selection are:

  • Phase 1 written exam to check the overall knowledge needed for the posts

  • Phase 2: SSB interview to check the candidate’s critical thinking abilities

  • Phase 3: Medical examination to check the candidate’s body condition

  • Final merit list of candidates who pass for the training

2. What is the syllabus for NDA 1 2022 and how will NDA 1 GAT 2021-22 question paper help for the exam?

The syllabus for the exam NDA part 1 2022 is as follows:

Part I: Mathematics: this part will be worth 300 marks

  1. Algebra

  2. Matrices and determinants

  3. Trigonometry

  4. The geometry of 2 and 3 dimensions

  5. Differential Calculus

  6. Integral Calculus

  7. Vector Algebra

  8. Statistics and Probability

Part II: General Mental Ability: this part will be worth 600 marks, where 200 marks worth of English language-based questions will be asked, and the rest of 400 marks would be based on general knowledge questions.

  1. Physics

  2. Chemistry

  3. General Science

  4. History Freedom Movement

  5. Geography

  6. Current Events

If you take a look at the NDA 1 GAT 2021-22 question paper via Vedantu and compare it with the syllabus you get to know how many questions are asked per section and how each question will be formatted.

3. Is an admit card needed for the NDA 1 exam, where to get it?

Yes, an admit card is one that is provided by the UPSC and will be provided to each and every candidate who has successfully registered for the exam. The steps to download the Admit card for NDA 1 exam is as follows:

  1. Click on the official link of the UPSC website that will lead you to the admit card download section.

  2. Once you click on the download button for admit card you can add in the details that is your roll number and your registration number for the NDA examination

  3. Once candidates fill in the above details make sure you mention the date of birth and proceed to the next step.

You will be asked to enter a Captcha code which is mandatory to enter the site.

Once you read all the important instructions display click on the yes option.

Once you download the admit card make sure you check all the details that are mentioned on the admit card which include name, photo, signature, father’s name, mother’s name, etc.

4. What are some of the important instructions to keep in mind while attending the NDA 1 exam?

There are a number of important instructions that all candidates need to follow and these instructions can be provided as follows:

  1. Candidates must check all the details that have been mentioned in the NDA exam hall admit card and if there are any discrepancies observed make sure you bring them to the notice of the officials.

  2. No gadgets such as mobile phones or calculators or any other IT gadgets will be allowed into the exam hall and such actions will be strictly looked after.

  3. Candidates should not carry any valuable or costly items to the exam hall.

  4. Candidates whose photo is not clear on the admit card need to bring in an additional copy of a passport-sized image and a photo ID proof such as an aadhaar card, passport, voter ID card, or driver’s license.

  5. Only a black ballpoint pen will be allowed in the exam hall to answer the questions.

  6. It is necessary that all the candidates reach at least an hour before the exam begins.

5. What are the important dates involved in NDA 1 exam 2022?

The important dates that each candidate should be aware of for the NDA exam 2022 are as follows:



NDA 1 2022 Notification release date

22nd December 2021

Last date to apply online for NDA 1 2022 exam

11th of January 2022

NDA 1 2022 Admit card release date

Three weeks before the exam starts

NDA 1 2022 written exam date

10th April 2022

NDA 1 2022 result date

It will be updated soon


Right after the NDA 1 exams results are released the registration dates for the NDA 2 exam will be released. All the candidates who have passed and are eligible for the exam can apply for the exam.