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Things Made of Bronze

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Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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An Overview of Bronze

You all might have seen statues at your home or in the market. But do you know by which material these statues are made? These are made up of bronze. Bronze is produced by combining the metals copper and tin. Bronze is referred to as an alloy. Copper is weaker and softer than bronze. Additionally, it does not corrode as quickly as tin or copper does. For these reasons, bronze is frequently utilised to create machinery and tools. Coins, springs, fasteners, and electrical hardware are all made of bronze.

Bronze is mostly made of copper, with about 12-12.5% of tin and occasionally additional metals like phosphorus, manganese, nickel, or zinc as well as non-metals like silicon or arsenic. In this article, we will learn about things made of bronze and how to make bronze.

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Bronze Artwork

History of Bronze

  • The first sign of bronze usage started to appear in the Tigris Euphrates valley in Western Asia.

  • According to prior investigations, bronze was discovered when copper and tin-rich rocks were used to build campfire rings.

  • Arsenic bronze was the first type of bronze, in which arsenic is added to copper to make bronze.

  • Arsenic bronze was inferior to tin bronze because it was more difficult to manage the alloying process. Metallic tin and the gases produced during tin refining are also non-toxic, unlike arsenic.

  • Massive amounts of bronze objects have been discovered throughout the world, indicating that metal was also used as a store of worth and a sign of social standing. A huge amount of bronze toolkits, usually socketed axes (as shown above), are discovered in Europe. Most of these tools are in excellent condition. 

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Roman Bronze Nails 

How to Make Bronze

Bronze is made by adding a small amount of melted tin to a large amount of melted copper. Other metals are added to the bronze to make alloys. These are more widely used. Let us consider an example, if a small amount of lead is added to the copper and tin, then it will make the bronze slippery. Machine parts that slide against each other are made from this bronze.

Common Things Made of Bronze

Bronze has around 12 percent tin and 88 percent copper. As soon as bronze was discovered, people started making metal tools and weapons. In other terms, bronze made it easier to produce defensive things. Below is a list of common things made of bronze.

  • An armour that is tough and long-lasting is made of a bronze alloy. Bronze was previously used to create ships and boats because Bronze is a saltwater-resistant metal due to its strength. Cannon barrels are made of bronze. The low friction of bronze makes it possible for a cannonball to exit without adhering to the edges.

  • Bronze is used to make electrical and mechanical conductors. Bronze alloy is used to make even the springs and clips. Bronze items are strong and long-lasting for consumers.

  • Electric motors also make substantial use of bronze. Bronze is used to make strings on pianos and guitars. The pianoforte tones’ low pitch is produced by the extraordinary sustain quality of bronze. Numerous professionals all over the world use bronze cymbals. 

  • High-quality bells are frequently crafted using bronze alloys containing 23% tin. Bronze is a common material for medals awarded to winners at competitions and celebrations, especially for third-place finishers. 

  • A lot of the statues you can see in temples or anywhere are constructed of bronze alloy. The reason is that compared to other metals, bronze is simpler to work with. Many works of public art are composed of bronze.

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Electric Bronze Motor

Instrument of Music

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Bronze Musical Instrument


  • Asian percussion instruments are constructed out of bronze metal. Gongs and singing bowls are just two examples of instruments made from bronze. On the contrary, each alloy has a unique makeup. The bulk of the acoustic guitars is bronze. A dual bass and piano are both constructed from bronze alloys. The main justification is that bronze produces a better sound in musical instruments than other metals do.

Architectural Bronze

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Use of Bronze in Architecture

Furniture and mailboxes are two examples of bronze-made architectural components. Railings for stairs are made of bronze. Additionally, there are numerous colour variations of the bronze alloy. Bronze used in architecture is made up of 57% copper, 40% zinc, and 4% lead.

Commercial Bronze

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Use of Bronze in a Commercial Field 

  • Products made of bronze are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Bushings, screws, and valves are examples of commercial bronze products that are essential in every person’s life. Bronze in wrought form is used to create bronze sheets and plates. Rods, tubes, and bar stock are produced using wrought bronze alloy.


Bronze is an alloy consisting of 12-12.5% tin and other metals like aluminium, manganese, nickel, etc. and some non-metals like phosphorus are added to it according to the use. People were able to produce metal items that were stronger and long-lasting after the discovery of bronze. In comparison to their stone and copper (“Chalcolithic”) forebears, bronze tools, weapons, armour, and building components were stronger and more durable. When bronze is used to create statues, an attractive colour is produced. For this alloy metal, corrosion and metal fatigue are not issues. Even though it is more durable than steel. It is therefore a superior warmth and electronic conductor. In this article, we discussed bronze things and items made of bronze.    

FAQs on Things Made of Bronze

1. Why are statues made of bronze?

The malleability and ductility of bronze are due to the large proportion of copper to the other metals. Even though the proportion of tin to zinc in bronze is incredibly tiny, it nonetheless produces the toughness necessary for bronze statues to endure the test of time.

2. Does bronze last forever?

However, bronze essentially endures forever. Bronze’s high copper content is what gives it its long lifespan. While exposed to the elements, copper creates a shield. Copper is the old pro here; it will quickly last 1,000 years or more. Aluminium and zinc also accomplish this.

3. Is bronze cold to touch?

Since bronze conducts heat, it will actually seem cooler to the feel than bronze resin, but actual bronze metal will feel extremely hot in direct sunlight.