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Interesting Facts about Monkeys

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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Monkeys are intelligent, social animals. They are members of the primate group of mammals, which includes apes and humans. There are approximately 200 different species of monkeys. Scientists classify them as old world monkeys or new world monkeys. Baboons, drills, mandrills, macaques, guenons, langurs, and colobus monkeys are examples of old world monkeys. Keep reading to learn more facts about monkeys.



Features of Monkeys

Monkeys frequently have smiles on their faces, leaving onlookers to wonder what they are up to. Like humans, monkeys have a distinct set of fingerprints of their own. This is really intriguing and provides more evidence that all primates, including ours, are closely connected to one another.

Monkey Lives in the Tree

Monkey Lives in the Tree 

Characteristics of Monkeys

Monkey, any one of the Old World monkeys or the New World monkeys, two subspecies of tropical anthropoid primates. The majority of species are diurnal and tropical or subtropical. The majority of species leap from tree to tree utilising all four limbs. They can stand and sit straight. Instead of swinging arm in arm like the apes, most species run along branches. Monkeys are highly social omnivores that live in groups of up to several hundred people under the leadership of an elderly male. 

Monkey Facts

  • Monkey is a familiar name for a group of primate mammals.

  • They live both on the ground and in the trees.

  • Most monkeys have tails.

  • Apes are not monkeys. 

  • Groups of monkeys are known as a mission, tribe, or troop.

  • They have to stay away from animals like big snake, crocodiles, and leopards.

Monkey Troops

Monkey Troops

Fun facts about Monkeys

  • Just like young children, monkeys have a high IQ.

  • Illnesses can be spread to people by monkeys.

  • The owl monkey's more enduring moniker is the "night monkey."

  • Monkeys and apes are not the same but are related.

  • To interact with one another, monkeys engage in grooming rituals.

  • Monkeys as pets are popular exotic animals.

  • All monkeys have opposable thumbs.

  • The common cold does not affect monkeys.

Fact About Monkeys

Fact About Monkeys 

GK Facts about Animals

  • The most prominent member of their kind, tigers, are members of the cat family.

  • There are more than 400 million dogs worldwide.

  • Dolphins communicate by whistling, clicking, and making other noises.

  • A male giraffe at full maturity can weigh up to 1400 kilos.

  • A camel can live between 40 and 50 years.

  • Over 470 million dogs are in the world.

  • Cats can't taste anything that is sweet.

  • Owls can't move their eyeballs.

  • Kangaroos can't walk backwards.

  • The only animal that can't jump is Elephant.

  • Sharks don't have bones.

Facts of Animals

Facts of Animals


Monkeys are well-known for giving good care to the young and even expressing some humanistic behaviours. Monkeys are extremely noisy creatures, and here is how they communicate with one another. They use a variety of pitches to warn each other of danger, call a mate, and even talk to their young.

Sample Questions

1. Where do the monkeys live?

  1. trees     b) den   c) kennel

Ans: a) trees

2. What do monkeys like to eat?

  1. fish       b) banana     c) orange

Ans: b) banana

3. What is the group of monkeys called?

  1. bunch   b) pride   c) troop

Ans: c)  troop

4. Monkeys have a long ________.

  1. none    b) tail   c) arm

Ans:  b) tail

FAQs on Interesting Facts about Monkeys

1. Do monkeys build nests?

For sleeping at night and, in certain species, for sleeping throughout the day, hominid apes construct nests. Infants in hominid apes learn to build nests by observing their mothers and other group members; this behaviour is seen as a tool used instead of animal architecture. Monkeys from the old and new worlds do not build nests.

2. What makes monkeys different from other animals?

Monkeys can be distinguished from apes by having a tail (even if it is only a little nub), a narrow chest, and other skeletal characteristics. Baboons and mandrills are two notable exceptions, but most monkeys have short, flat faces without a prominent muzzle.

3. Do monkeys have night vision?

Large brown eyes help night monkeys see better at night, which enhances their capacity for activity at night. Some claim that they lack the tapetum lucidum, a reflecting coating located behind the retina that is present in many nocturnal creatures.