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Michael Faraday Inventions and Its Facts

Last updated date: 05th Mar 2024
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Overview About Michael Faraday

Have you ever wondered who invented the electric city generator that provides electricity to the area you live in or the entire City that you live in?  Or have you ever imagined How our life would have been if carbon-related hydrocarbon compounds had not been found? All these important discoveries were made by Michael Faraday; he was a well-known scientist and chemist. 

In this article, we will learn everything about Michael Faraday from his biography to what struggles he faced during his journey and then we will look at what contributions he made to the scientific society. Along with all this, we will also look at facts related to Michael Faraday's inventions. So let's start learning.

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

Who is Michael Faraday?

Michael Faraday was a well-known scientist and physicist who made a number of important advances in both the field of chemistry and electricity.

Biography of Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was born in England on the 22nd of September in 1791. He was a son of a black Smith and was very interested in reading scientific books from the shop where he used to work as an apprentice at the age of 14. He used to attend all the lectures of the scientist he blindly followed and took notes and later he also wrote a letter to him seeking employment. The professor welcomed him to his laboratory as an assistant after being moved by his enthusiasm.

After following the instructions and footprints of his master he succeeded in liquifying gasses by the means of compression. In 1825 he discovered a hydrocarbon named benzene and later was called the father of organic chemistry. In 1833 he formulated his loss of electrolysis which was linked with the fields of chemistry and electricity.

Michael Faraday has been a very popular name in the field of Physics and he was well known for his experiments and discoveries that contributed to the growth of Physics. Amongst his inventions are the very first electric motor and the first electromagnetic generator that contributed in the growth of Physics and its application for the help of the entire world.

Michael Faraday Inventions

In this section of the article are listed all the Michael faraday inventions

  1. One of his greatest Discoveries was the discovery of electromagnetic induction. He formulated his laws of electromagnetic induction in 1831 when he saw that when he moves the magnet through a coil of wire a current is produced in the wire. 

Electromagnetic Induction Through Coil

Electromagnetic Induction Through Coil 

  1. Through this Discovery he later discovered the electric generator which was later called as the heart of modern electrical equipment.

Primitive Electric Generator

Primitive Electric Generator 

  1. In the last days of his career, Faraday discovered polarization or rotation of plane polarization of light in magnetic fields. His work in the field of electromagnetism leads Maxwell to link his theories of electricity magnetism to light with the founding of Faraday. In conclusion, there came the invention of the radio.

Michael Faraday Facts for Kids

Below are listed some Michael Faraday Facts For Kids

  • He created inflatable balloons.

  • He was the one who helped Albert Einstein to get his first employment.

  • The option of being cremated at Westminster Abbey alongside all the renowned monarchs and queens was presented to Michael Faraday, however, he rejected it.


To conclude all the learnings from this article we can say that Michael Faraday was an important human being for the entire world. The world would not have been the same without his discoveries of electromagnetism, organic chemistry and much more. All though he was a very famous scientist but was still a very down-to-earth and humble person. With this, we would like to end this article. And hope that you all also get inspired by the story of Michael Faraday and aim to achieve something big in your lives. If you have any further doubts you can write them in the comment section below, we hope we were easy and understandable enough, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

FAQs on Michael Faraday Inventions and Its Facts

1. Who was Sir Humphrey davy?

Humphrey Davy was a chemist who found various elements from the earth's crust and put them into the periodic table. Michael Faraday was a huge admirer of Sir Humphrey Davy; he followed everything that he did and attended every lecture he has never given in any place. Michael Faraday followed Humphrey Davy very closely and also worked with him and reached the Heights he is known for now. Once in an interview Humphrey Davy was questioned about what his most precious finding as a scientist was and his answer was Michael Faraday. 

2. How did Michael Faraday's findings change the world?

One of the most precious inventions of Michael Faraday was electromagnetic induction; it was the invention that forms the basis of what we call generators for electricity generators nowadays. It is the generators that have made it possible to supply a large quantity of electricity to cities and areas. 

3. Enumerate Michael Faraday's contribution to chemistry.

Michael Faraday was the one who discovered A compound named benzene and various other compounds called hydrocarbons which form the basis of a new field in chemistry called organic chemistry. Due to his inventions and contribution to the field of organic chemistry is also known as the father of organic chemistry.