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Interesting Facts About Platinum

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Overview of Platinum

Have you ever heard of rings that are made up of Platinum? Or have you heard your family members talking about how precious Platinum is for both Jewellery making and money making? Platinum is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. It is found in high concentrations in white gold, silver, and platinum group metals (such as gold, platinum, and palladium). Even though it is rare, it does not mean you cannot buy it at an affordable price.

So in this article, we are going to read and learn all about the facts related to platinum and also the properties of Platinum; so without further ado let's start learning. 

Properties of the Platinum Element

Properties of the Platinum Element

Platinum Element 

Platinum element is a highly exotic chemical substance. Researchers employ acronyms to represent various chemical substances, and the word "plateau" is derived from the Spanish word platina, meaning "small silver." Pt is the symbol used for denoting the platinum element. 



Where to Find Platinum?

Due to its extreme rarity, platinum is regarded as being exceedingly valuable. When contrasted with other elements like gold and silver, platinum is far rarer. Additionally, extracting it is really challenging. It is frequently discovered alongside various elements including copper and nickel. Platinum must be removed carefully from the rock mass and other elements. For 28 grams of platinum to be manufactured, numerous tonnes of ore should be refined. Major providers and extractors of platinum include South Africa, Russia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Colombia, etc.

Properties of Platinum 

In the periodic table, platinum is placed as the third element in the 10th column. It falls under the group of transition elements. Its most prevalent isotope has 117 neutrons along with 78 protons or electrons. It is regarded as a precious/rare metal just like gold and silver.

The typical state of platinum is that of a lustrous, glittering material. It can readily be extended into a string since it is incredibly ductile. It can also be flattened into a single sheet since it is malleable. If platinum is exposed to air, it doesn't corrode easily. It has incredibly high melting point values and is one of the densest metals. Platinum is usually inactive but yet dissolves when reacted with a hot basis or aqua regia.

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Uses of Platinum 

Below are listed some of the most important uses of platinum

  • The very first researcher to extract platinum in its finest state was English chemist William Hyde.

  • Before the Spanish people arrived, the residents of South America were the ones to discover platinum. They created alloys of platinum and gold to use in jewellery and crafts.

  • Platinum is a valuable product that is frequently used as money and as a commodity. Currencies and jewellery like bracelets, pendants, and wristwatches are also made using this element.

  • Although platinum is a common material for jewellery, it is typically employed as an activity enhancer in biochemical processes. The petrochemical and automotive companies employ the use of platinum for the same. 

  • Platinum is also used in alloys for making specific metals, extremely powerful magnets, diagnostic devices, and dental treatment.

Interesting Facts About Platinum 

Some interesting facts about platinum are as follows:

  • Not only platinum was found by Sir William Hyde Wollaston, but he also found the element rhodium. 

  • Out of all the elements found on earth, platinum is the most ductile one and it is also more malleable. As it can be 10 into thin sheets easily. 

  • Platinum is one of the elements that is frequently linked to the two wealth and business as Platinum has been used as a means of investment and is occasionally valued higher than the gold ones.


To conclude all the learnings from this article, we can say that Platinum is a very precious metal that is being employed for varied purposes like making jewellery and ornaments. in this article, we also learn about various properties related to Platinum and learned about how inactive it makes it the best-suited element to make precious things from.

FAQs on Interesting Facts About Platinum

1. How is platinum used in dental fillings?

The element Platinum is used in combination with Silver as Au-Hg amalgam.

2. Is platinum a magnet?

No, scientifically platinum is found to not have any kind of magnetic properties in it. 

3. Is platinum stronger than gold and silver?

Platinum is a strong and dense metal. It is found to be about 60% denser than the gold element.