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Fear of Lizards: A Common Problem

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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Introduction to Lizards

Kids, you must have seen a lizard on the walls of your home or in your garden. Many people are afraid of them. Today we will learn about lizards and what the fear of lizards is called in this article. So, first, let's talk about lizards.

Lizards are reptiles (animals having dry and scaly skin and laying eggs on land). There are 7000 species of lizards. Lizards can be a few centimetres long also and can be 3 metres also. They vary in size according to the place where they live. Many of you might be afraid when you see a lizard. Fear of lizards is known as herpetophobia. It is a fear of reptiles. It also includes a fear of snakes also in it.




The scientific name of the lizard is Lacertilia. It falls under the kingdom Animalia. Lizards are scaly-skinned reptiles. They lay eggs. They have movable eyelids. They do not have hair or feather on their body. Chameleons, Iguanas, and geckos are a few types of lizards. Lizards are cold-blooded (body temperature changes according to the temperature of their surroundings.

Characteristics of Lizards

  • Maximum lizards do not live in very cold places.

  • They are found more in wet tropics or dry deserts.

  • Lizards commonly have four legs, but some have no legs.

  • Lizards have long tails.

  • Few lizards are poisonous in nature.

  • Most lizards are active during the day.

  • Lizards are able to change their colour.

Colour-changing Lizard

 Colour-changing Lizard

What is the Fear of Lizards Called?

Fear of lizards is called herpetophobia. People suffering from herpetophobia have a fear of reptiles like snakes and lizards. It is a type of anxiety disorder. Anyone with herpetophobia will feel very scared when they see a lizard or snake or any other reptile, even a turtle. It is a common disorder. Many people have this disorder. Many people are scared of lizards called Glia monsters. It is poisonous to humans.

Gila monster

Gila monster

Symptoms of Herpetophobia

  • Always thinking about reptiles

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Dizziness

  • Sweating

  • Increased heart rate

  • Chest tightness

Situations of Herpetophobia

Symptoms of herpetophobia can be seen when:

  • Patients think about lizards.

  • When any other people around them talk about lizards.

  • When they see any picture or video of lizards. 

Kids and Herpetophobia

In many cases, children are also patients with herpetophobia. A child shows the following reactions when they see or face any lizard.

  • Start to shout and cry.

  • Cling to their parents.

  • Freeze at that place.

  • Throws a tantrum.

How to Deal with Herpetophobia?

Generally, no medication is provided in the case of herpetophobia. It is treated with therapy. The therapy slowly increases the patient's exposure to reptiles. Like they may tell you to think or talk about lizards first. Then they will ask you to hold a reptile in their next sessions. They will slowly teach you to cope with the fear of lizards. 

Additional Tips to Overcome the Fear of Lizards

There are some extra tips for coping with the fear of lizards other than medication and therapy. These tips include yoga, exercise, medication, a good diet plan, regular sleep, and discussing your fear of lizards with your parents or friends. You can take the help of your loved ones to overcome this fear.


In this article, we have discussed lizards and what the fear of lizards is called. Lizards are reptiles belonging to the kingdom Animalia. They are cold-blooded. They show features like long tails and movable eyelids. They love to live in dry places like deserts. They are found in very few quantities in cold areas. 

Herpetophobia is the condition of fear of lizards and other reptiles. Patients with herpetophobia feel uncomfortable talking or facing any lizards. They sweat or may even faint after looking at or talking about lizards. Therapy and proper medication can treat herpetophobia. Other steps like yoga and exercise will also be helpful in treating herpetophobia.

FAQs on Fear of Lizards: A Common Problem

1. What is the lifespan of the Gila monster?

Gila monsters are found in the United States and Northern Mexico. They like to live in areas with shrubs. They come out during the night to eat the eggs of other animals. Glia monsters can survive up to 20 years.

2. Do lizards bite?

Yes, lizards bite with their teeth. They insert their venom into the body by dripping down the venom at the place where they have bitten. They tend to hang on to their victim. It is not easy to remove them once they have bitten.

3. What causes fear of lizards?

Fear of lizards can be because of a bad experience in the past, like if any lizard bit your finger badly and you suffered a lot because of that. It can be because of genetics which means if one of your parent's mother or father is scared of lizards, then you can also develop this condition.