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5 Sentences About Grasshoppers

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Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Grasshopper: A Ground-Dwelling Insect!

You must have heard about these creatures in stories or poems and would have even seen them but today you will get to know many interesting facts about grasshoppers

So a grasshopper is an insect with six legs and a pair of antennae on its head. They have two large eyes on each side of the head and are green or brown. Grasshopper’s class is insects. And they are mainly found in greenery like forests, gardens or grasslands. Now you must be curious whether grasshoppers can fly or not. What do they eat? What do they look like? Come, let’s dig deeper into it! 

Green Grasshopper

Green Grasshopper

What is a Grasshopper? 

The grasshopper is an insect whose scientific name is “Acrididae”. They are mostly green, brown, olive or grey which helps them to blend into the environment. And their size varies from 0.40 inches to 4.5 inches long. A grasshopper usually lives up to 9 to 12 months only. In addition, they have two special eyes that help them to see in all directions right away. Also, they use their long hind legs for jumping or leaping which makes them popular. They are even related to crickets and locusts. Also, they do have wings which means grasshoppers can fly.

Where do They Live? 

Grasshoppers can be found in almost every part of the world except for the places that are very cold north and south poles. And they usually live in fields, forests, gardens or meadows. One interesting fact about grasshoppers is that they blend into their surroundings with a motive to protect themselves from other creatures who eat them and this is known as camouflage. 

What do They Feed on?

The majority of the grasshoppers are herbivores which means they prefer to eat plants, grass, weeds, leaves, flowers, and grains. Some of their favourite food includes wheat, barley, corn, weeds and leaves and therefore the farmers and gardeners consider them as dangerous.

Grasshopper Eating a Leaf

Grasshopper Eating a Leaf

Also, some grasshoppers are omnivores who also eat insects. And they can even eat animal faeces when nothing else is available. Their antennae help them to smell, touch and find their food and environment. 

The grasshoppers also have predators who consider them as a meal. Animals such as ants, snakes, lizards, frogs and bee flies are all those who eat grasshoppers. Some of the birds like blackbirds, bluebirds and hawks feed on them.

Grasshoppers and Locusts

Both grasshoppers and locusts belong to the Acrididae family. Grasshoppers are solitary insects that come collectively only to reproduce. alternatively, locusts, which are a sort of short-horned grasshopper, may also showcase swarming behaviour. In a swarm, locusts respond to dense overcrowding by consuming and breeding extra. Swarms generally increase over the years as nymphs are drawn to each other's pheromones. As soon as they are formed, swarms can descend upon and wipe out local plant life, making them extremely destructive. Swarms can consist of billions of grasshoppers, and – in a few rare instances – loads of billions or even trillions, consistent with estimates. That said, most grasshoppers will spend the majority of their lives foraging on their personal.

Locusts Swarm

Locusts Swarm

Grasshopper Facts for Kids

Some of the most interesting facts about grasshoppers are given below.

  • There are approximately 10000-11000 species of grasshoppers in the Caelifera (suborder). 

  • They have hard outer body shells. 

  • Grasshopper’s body consists of three main sections: the head, thorax and abdomen. 

  • A few species of grasshopper make noises either by rubbing their hind legs with the forewings or by snapping their wings while flying. 

  • Grasshoppers are even typically eaten in Africa, central and southern America as it is considered a good source of protein. 

  • They even produce chirping sounds, which are usually used by male grasshoppers to call the female grasshoppers. 


In this article, we have learnt about grasshoppers, their habitats, their food, grasshopper’s class and much more. Grasshoppers date back to around 250 million years and they are jumping insects who are good flyers too. And they are found almost everywhere in the world in various sizes and neutral colours. Grasshoppers love to eat plant products and domestic crops and are therefore considered a threat to the farmers. It is also known as male grasshoppers die soon after mating, whereas females live longer in general. 

FAQs on 5 Sentences About Grasshoppers

1. What is the study of grasshopper species?

The study of grasshopper species is known as Acridology.

2. Which are some good grasshopper stories with morals?

“The ant and the grasshopper” and “The owl and the grasshopper” are two interesting stories with morals for children.

3. What are the three life stages of a grasshopper?

The grasshopper life cycle includes three stages: 

  • Egg Stage 

  • Nymph Stage 

  • Adult Stage