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Black Hole Facts for Kids

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Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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An Overview of Black Hole

Whenever the word “Black Hole” comes up we suddenly remember the great physicist Stephen Hawking. He was the first one to introduce this black hole concept to the world. Interestingly, NASA described a black hole as a place in space where gravity pulls other objects. They also mentioned that the gravity pull in the hole is so much that even a ray of light cannot escape it. 

But, here in this article, we will talk about the black hole that we see in huge water bodies. The definition of both black holes is the same, except here you see it in the sea. Now, this is getting quite interesting, isn’t it? Further in this article, we will talk about blackhole facts, sea black hole, and black holes in the ocean.

What is Sea Black Hole? 

The concept of a sea black hole is very much the same as the black hole that is in outer space. Sea black holes are primarily found in larger water bodies. In fact, some say that these black holes are mathematically equivalent to the black holes seen in space. In sea black holes, if anything is caught, it goes by in a circular motion, and no one can escape it. 

There are various black hole facts for kids that are interesting. Here, the black hole is not in outer space but in our Earth itself. Around the world, there are a lot of black holes in the ocean that are called Agulhas.

Sea Black Hole

Sea Black Hole

First Black Hole In Ocean

Black hole in the ocean is quite rare to find even now. On the other hand, the first black hole was found in South Andros. It was quite larger than anyone could expect it to be. The black hole was around 47 metres deep and quite wide in size. Scientists revealed that this black hole was formed by chemical erosion. The depths of that black hole represented the ocean conditions that went billions of years ago. 

Interestingly, at about eighteen metres deep down this hole researchers found a 1-metre dark purple layer of toxic bacteria. These tiny living beings contained a large amount of hydrogen sulphide within themselves. 

Now, we can clearly state that the black holes in the ocean are formed by chemical erosion. The cleanliness of huge water bodies plays an important role in the formation of such huge black holes.

Black Hole at Andros

Black Hole at Andros 

Black Hole Facts for Kids 

A black hole in itself is quite interesting. People earlier only thought it can occur only in outer space but that is something else now. One should understand that the black hole formed in outer space and on the ocean is very similar. The features and characteristics of both are very much similar. Here are some of the black hole facts for kids:- 

  • Black holes are one of those objects that have significant mass, and density and are found on both Earth and space. 

  • The first man to predict a black hole was not Stephen Hawking but Albert Einstein. He predicted their existence using the theory of general relativity. 

  • The biggest black hole found in an ocean was measured to be 93 miles in diameter. Yes, this is larger than the entirety of Los Angeles. 

  • A black hole in any water body is known as Quasar. 

  • The first person to have coined the term “black hole” was John Archibald Wheeler. He coined the term way back in the 1960s. 

  • The black hole found in outer space cannot be directly observed but, that is quite different when occurred in water bodies. 

  • Some believe that time stops when a person enters a black hole. Unfortunately, any human being on Earth has not physically proven this. 

  • The first water black hole was found in South Andros. 

  • The black hole logo is designed quite the same as real black holes.

Black Hole Logo

Black Hole Logo


Black holes are very dangerous objects whether they are present on Earth or in space. Normally, black holes are given names, but there are not many as of now. The first-ever black hole found in the ocean is named “Black Hole of Andros”. Moreover, now we know that there are a lot of similarities between the black holes found in space and on water bodies. This article was about black holes for kids. We learned about the black holes in seas and oceans.

FAQs on Black Hole Facts for Kids

1. What are the other names of black holes in today’s world?

Black holes have many names in different parts of the world. Some of the commonly-used names are as follows:-

  • Supernova

  • Great Void

  • Void

  • Theoretical Mass 

2. How many types of black holes are there?

As of today, scientists believe there are only four types of black holes and they are the following:-

  • Stellar

  • Intermediate

  • Supermassive and

  • Miniature 

3. Is the whole universe considered to be a black hole?

Science has proved that our universe including the planet Earth was born through a black hole. Some people also agree that the whole universe started as an infinitely hot and dense point.