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Lesson Plan on Shapes and Colours for Preschool

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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A Comprehensive Lesson Plan on Shapes and Colour

As the kids grow in our beautiful world, they see different shapes and colours. Our duty as parents and teachers is to make them identify those shapes and colours by their name. But having a hard time making your child and students learn the shapes and colours? Worry not, for you can resort to our help.

Here, we are presenting a comprehensive lesson plan on shapes and colours for preschool. This plan will be helpful for the kids as well as make the tedious task of making them learn for you easier.

Let us get started on how to teach our little monsters the shapes and colours of this wonderful world.

Concept Chart of the Plan

If the world is observed in a simple manner, we can see that the world is made up of different shapes and colours. So, pick any of the shapes or colours from the wide world, and let’s get started! Why the lesson plan?

The lesson plan is dedicated mainly-

  • For a Teacher to Plan Their Class - The activities can be carried out by engaging the students in colouring, or making different shapes with chart papers, hanging around the classroom and so on. 

  • To Help The Children to Explore The World Around Them - We know the kids love to explore the world, they are always inquisitive about the shapes or colours, thus engaging them in these activities will satisfy their wandering minds.

Where to Start? 

Shapes and colours

Shapes and Colours

As teachers or parents, we need to understand which pattern or colour attracts our child first. It might be simple structures like circles or even fascinating structures like the stars. They might be also curious about the colours in a rainbow, where you may explain to them the seven colours present in the rainbow.

Well, to Pin Down Your Kick-Start Plan, You Can Use The Format -

1. Firstly ask these questions to the kids -

  • Do you know what colours/shapes are?

  • Do you know which colour/shape is this? (pick up any object present nearby)

  • Don’t you think the colour/shape is brilliant?

  • Make them repeat the name of the colour/shape.

  • Now make them spell the colour name/shape name.

2. Practise the name of the colours and shapes regularly.

3. Hang the shapes in  the classroom wall.

4. Make them colour in their colouring book with their colour pens.

5. Ask them to choose their favourite colour.

6. Play activities related to the colours and shapes - ask them to arrange the colours first then the shapes.

7. When they develop, ask them to draw the shapes and write their names.

8. After elementary teaching, ask them to pick up appropriate colours for each structure (like sun yellow, tree green). 

These pointers are only tips and suggestions you can plan according to your preference. 

Help at Home - Help for Parents

At home also you can engage your child with the colours and shapes. For some tips and suggestions, these pointers might be helpful -

  • Know your kid's favourite colour.

  • Make them meals of their favourite colours.

  • You can play with your child with shapes - like making castles with different structures or helping them to build blocks. 

  • Involve in the fun activity with them like - painting or colouring their favourite drawing or colouring book. 

  • Make colourful days - like making them wear a blue colour dress on Mondays, in green on Tuesdays, pink on Wednesdays, etc. 

  • Whenever they question you about anything, answer them and ask them back questions on the same structure about its shape and colour. This will make them realise the different shapes and colours.

  • While taking a walk, ask them to objectify the structures with shapes and colours like 7 structures with red colour or 7 square-shaped structures. 

  • Colour their bedroom wall with their favourite colours. 

  • Hang shapes in their rooms.

This was a comprehensive plan on the lesson of shapes and colours which you can use as a teacher or parent. Make sure to revise the colours and shapes regularly and let them get inquisitive.

FAQs on Lesson Plan on Shapes and Colours for Preschool

1. Can I use watercolour to teach the name of the colours?

Yes, definitely! Water colours will give them more of a lively explanation and understanding. But, you have to be careful to use toxic free colours and mind the mess that they are going to create!

2. Which are the basic shapes and colours to make the children learn?

  • The basic shapes are - square, circle, rectangle and triangle.
  • The basic colours are - red, blue, yellow and green, blue.

You might start with these colours and shapes or pick up the colours or shapes first which interest the kids moreover.