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10 Amazing Activities to Induce Learning for 7 Year Olds

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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This article is meant to accelerate kids’ progress in learning through activities like reading, listening, cooking, riding, etc. This article contains 10 activities that will definitely aid in the tricky path of learning for 7-year-olds. We encourage you to read this thoroughly and try to incorporate as many activities as you can into your kids’ day-to-day lives and ensure they are on the right track when it comes to effective learning.

A kid in front of the blackboard with “I love learning” written on it

A kid in front of the blackboard with 'I love learning' written on it

List of Activities to Aid in Learning for 7-Year-Olds 

Kids can try out the following fun activities to learn new things quickly and easily.

1. Language Activities

Kids should read and try to remember poems. Language activities can help kids develop a love for the language. Kids can spot the words they know or try making up completely new words. For instance, using synonyms, like ‘smoke tube’ instead of ‘chimney’, in the activities can help them improve their vocabulary.  Games like Articulate can also help in easy learning for kids.


2. Word Games

You could search words together and then make up your own words! Word games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Boggle are excellent games for focusing on mixing letter sound to make words!


3. Memory Activities

Memorising is a useful practice that a kid needs to learn at an early age. It is important in every aspect of life and it simply cannot be avoided. Playing Memory Games can help condition young minds for remembering things better. It is played in groups where everyone sits in a circle. One person can start with a word of their choice and the next person needs to repeat the previous word and say a new word. The person next in the circle has to repeat the two previous words in order and add another new word. If one forgets any word or messes up the order, one is eliminated.


4. Listening Activities

This may sound easy, but kids have a really low attention span. It can be tedious to make them sit and listen to things. Listening games like Simon Says, Statue, and Musical Chair can highly help in easing the process.


5. Action Activities

Games like Twister and Charades can be great for kids to bond with friends and family, and they can learn to better engage their memory in the process.


6. Screen Activities

While it is advisable not to allow children to have a lot of screen time, it can also be a great incentive to make kids learn new things from the internet. Since kids are not allowed much screen time by parents, they will find anything served to them on the digital screen interesting. So, this can be a great opportunity for parents to engage them in learning new things.


7. Car Journey Activities

Car journeys can be boring, so it is perfect for engaging kids in fun activities during car journeys. To shoo away the boredom and make a fun learning experience out of it, games like Punch Buggy and Number Plate Game can be played. 


8. Reading Together

Parents should read stories and books together with their kids so that the kids get a source of encouragement. Also, the words and sentences resonate and are retained better by kids when they read together. 


9. Maths Activities

Various practical applications of mathematics are there to help children remember the basics of maths. Parents may encourage kids to learn operations of maths through various day-to-day experiences. Addition and subtraction should be taught while shopping, multiplication, and division can be taught while calculating the total cost of multiple items of the same kind or while splitting the bill among a few people. 


10. Cooking Together

Cooking is a skill that most kids enjoy (of course under the supervision of parents or guardians). It should be considered as a life skill and should not be left unlearned for a later age. Simple recipes like sandwiches and fruit salads can be easy to learn and fun to make!  

Kid learning from different daily activities


Kid learning from different daily activities



Reading and incorporating these fun and useful activities in the lives of your 7-year-olds will surely be beneficial and make them quick learners of healthy habits and traits in the journey of learning and education.

FAQs on 10 Amazing Activities to Induce Learning for 7 Year Olds

1. What are the most popular word games that promote learning among kids?

Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Boggle are some of the well-known word games that are popular among kids around the world. Most parents use these games to induce learning among kids in a fun and engaging manner. 

2. Is reading a useful learning activity? 

Reading together with kids can immensely help them in retaining information, tone, and pronunciation. This is a great activity to keep kids engaged, as it helps them to grow interested in learning any language.