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Names of Birds

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Introduction to Name of Birds

Have you seen birds flying high in the sky? When we see birds flying high we feel happy and we too feel like flying high in the sky like birds. But have you ever wondered how birds fly? What makes them fly?

Let's first look at the picture of a bird and study in detail about Birds :



Birds are very beautiful. There are different species of birds on the planet earth, they have a special feature to fly. Many of the birds can run, jump, swim and dive. All birds have feathers that have scales on them so we can say that the body of the birds have scales. Feathers are only the characteristics of birds; no other class of animal has feathers on its body.

Importance of Feathers 

Features serve a number of purposes:

  • Feathers help birds to fly.

  • Features provide warmth to the body of a bird.

  • Male birds use their feathers to attract mates.

Apart from feathers birds also have beaks, and all bird species have beaks. The beak helps in feeding. Different birds have different shapes of beaks which helps them to perform various things.

Meat-eating birds Like owls and Hawks have sharp hooked beaks whereas ducks and other water birds have flat beaks that help them to collect food from the water.


Egg of Birds

Egg of Birds

Eggs have hard shells that are mostly made out of calcium within an egg. The offspring gets its nutrition from the yolk and the egg white which is known as albumin. Both males and females play important roles in caring for the young ones.

Names of Birds:

Let's Study different categories of birds:

  • Parrot:



People Like to keep parrots at home as pet birds, they are very intelligent by nature and love to copy human beings as they can speak whatever they are taught. So they have a smart brain.

  • Owl: 



Owls are the birds that are also called nightmares mostly found in the darkness and sitting on the top of the tree. Owls have eyelids and their eyes are fixed; they cannot move their eyes whenever they have to look around. They move their head not their eyes as they are fixed.

  • Crow: 



They have a body which is black in colour and is very glossy. They have pointed beaks.

  • Peacock : 



Peacocks are known for the beautiful tail feathers that they possess. They are very colourful birds and often dance during the rainy season as they are symbols of happiness. They have beautiful colours on their feathers and are very unique.

  • Woodpecker:



The peaks of woodpeckers are very powerful and the neck is very strong; they can drill into the stems of old trees. Also, they have strong jaws.

  • Eagle:



These birds have an unbeatable sense of sight. They have large eyes.

  • Ostrich: 



The ostrich is the bird that is found in harsh desert environment .ostriches are the largest bird in the world but it is a flightless bird that has little wings

  • Kingfisher: 



Kingfishers are a group of medium-sized birds. It is very beautiful to see this bird is called Kingfisher because it is a master in fishing.

  • Goose: 



The goose is a  bird which is aquatic in nature.

  • Penguin: 



Penguins are flightless aquatic birds. The body of penguins is covered by stiff feathers which help them to keep warm as they live in cold climates.

The names of some other birds are as follows:

  • Columbidae

  • Eagle

  • Duck

  • Swans

  • Cuckoo

  • House sparrow

  • Crane

  • Raven

  • Quail

  • Vulture

  • Stork

  • Kite

  • Bat

  • Robin

  • Hummingbird 

  • Turkey

  • Gull

  • Hornbill

  • Nightingale 

  • Pewit

  • Tailorbird

  • Pelican

  • Stork

  • Sandpiper

  • Kiwi

  • Lark

  • Eider

Interesting facts:

  1. Parrots can live for over 100 years.

  2. Birds don't have teeth.

  3. Songbirds and Parrots are two groups of birds that can mimic human speech.

  4. Some Ducks sleep with one eye open.



  1. Ostriches have The largest size of any land animal.


In summary, it can be said that birds add diversity to nature and they are beautiful creations of God. Birds find their own shelter. Also, they arrange for their food. Therefore, they are very intelligent and have good senses. Birds are warm-blooded animals on Earth. Our planet has a variety of birds, some are big, some are small.

FAQs on Names of Birds

1. Why are ostriches flightless birds?

Ostrich is called the largest and heaviest living bird which is not able to fly but is built for running. ostriches can run with their powerful legs; they have small wings which help them to maintain balance when they run, especially when they change direction. Due to their massive weight, they are not able to fly. Their body is so heavy which makes it difficult to fly. That is why they are flightless in nature also, ostriches lack the keel which is required for flight.

2. Why do birds not have teeth?

Birds do not have teeth as they swallow their food as a whole, they do not bite their food & they do not grind their food they have a muscular part known as Gizzard in their stomach which grinds up the food.So that they can digest the food. So instead of having teeth, the gizzard performs the function of teeth which are there in the stomach.

Moreover, the teeth and the jaw bone will make them too heavy and they will not be able to fly.