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CUET 2023 Answer Key

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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CUET 2023 Answer Key: Date of Release, Score Calculation and Marking Scheme

Vedantu is launching Class 12 CBSE Board + CUET Crash Courses for Science & Commerce Students. The course will comprise of LIVE classes by Master Teachers and doubt-solving by Class Teachers, along with class notes, assignments and tests. 

As per the Board exam and CUET preparation, the course is divided into 2 phases

1. 2nd Jan 2023 - 4th Feb 2023: Core subjects for Boards and CUET will be covered in 125 sessions.

2. 15th Mar 2023 - 30th Apr 2023: Sessions on additional subjects & revision of core subjects of CUET.


The Prices are as Follows (for 300 students) - 

Course Price Break-up




















The CUET 2023 exam shall be conducted from 21st to 31st May 2023. The provisional CUET 2023 answer key shall be released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on the official website. The candidates who have taken the CUET entrance exam in 2023 (Which was previously known as the CUCET exam), can check the CUET answer key 2023 and get an idea of the approximate marks they might score in this exam.

It is important for candidates to tally their own answers against the correct ones in order to analyse their own performance as well as the areas where they need to improve to score better. We make it a point to fetch you complete and authentic NTA CUET answer keys and solutions as fast as possible to make sure that you don’t find it confusing and cumbersome searching for the information on different sites across the internet.

CUET 2023 Answer Key Dates

The following is a table containing the important events and dates related to the NTA CUET answer key 2023.


CUET Dates

CUET application form

1st week of April 2023

CUET application form ends

4th week of April 2023

CUET application correction

3rd to 4th week of April 2023

Release of admit card

1st week of May 2023

CUET 2023 Exam

21st to 31st May 2023

CUET answer key

3rd week of June 2023


4th week of June 2023

Counselling of CUET 2023

1st week of July 2023


CUET Answer Key 2023 PDF Download

The following steps will guide you through the simple process of downloading the PDF copy of the CUET answer key 2023. 

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the official website of NTA CUET, which is

  2. Next, you will have to select the ‘CUET Answer Key’ option from the ‘News and Events’ section present on the homepage.

  3. The answer key will now be displayed in the form of a downloadable PDF on the screen.

  4. You are now free to download and verify the answers present in the CUET provisional answer key for 2023.

Some Details That Are Mentioned on the CUET Answer Key 2023

  • Date of the exam

  • Exam shift

  • Test paper code

  • Question ID

  • Correct option ID

A candidate is free to raise an objection in case they come across any discrepancy in the details or the answers that are provided in the CUET answer key 2023. However, this has to be done before the objection window closes. Candidates will be able to get an estimate of their actual scores in the CUET Entrance Exam from the proper analysis of the CUET 2023 answer key.

CUET 2023 Score Calculation

Candidates shall be awarded 5 marks for each correct answer and -1 mark shall be deducted for each incorrect answer. This marking scheme can be used by candidates for calculating the marks they might secure in the CUET entrance exam 2023. They will need to identify the correct and incorrect answers that they have marked and calculate the CUET marks based on the same. There will be no negative marking for a lack of response to any question.

Score Calculation Formula for CUET 2023

The total marks fetched in the exam can be calculated as (5 x the number of correct answers) - (1 x the number of incorrect answers).


CUET 2023 Marking Scheme 

The following table shows the marking scheme for the CUET 2023 exam. Students are advised to read through the table carefully before appearing for the test since it is important that they know how and where they can score and lose marks.

Types of Response

Marking Scheme

Correct Answer

+5 mark

Incorrect Answer

-1 mark

No Answer

0 marks


What to Do after Downloading the CUET 2023 Answer Key?

Candidates need to check whether all the information mentioned in the CUET answer key 2023 is correct or not. Using the CUET provisional answer key 2023, candidates will be able to make an estimation of the marks they will possibly fetch. In a case where a candidate finds some discrepancy in the provisional answer key of CUET 2023, they can challenge the answer key through payment of a small processing fee (within the given deadline).

Steps to Raise an Objection Against the CUET Provisional Answer Key 2023

Follow the steps given below to challenge the CUET provisional answer key 2023:

  • Visit the official website of NTA CUET.

  • Select the ‘Answer Key Challenge for CU-CET 2023’ option.

  • Enter your login credentials in the login tab.

  • Click on the ‘View Question Papers’ option to view the question papers.

  • You can view the question ID and the correction option ID.

  • Select the option ID that you wish to challenge and click on the ‘Save Your Claim’ option.

  • Now, you will be able to view all the option IDs.

  • You need to upload all the supporting documents and then click on the ‘Save Your Claim and Pay Fee Finally’ option.

  • You are free to pay the processing fee through a debit card, a credit card, or via net banking.


The CUET 2023 answer key will help students analyse their stand in terms of scoring and they can easily get an estimate of how they might fare in their final result. An answer key is also a tool to gauge one’s own performance and to identify the errors in their answers so that one may improve upon the specific area and score better next time.

FAQs on CUET 2023 Answer Key

1. In how many phases will the answer key of CUET 2023 be released?

The NTA CUET answer key 2023 will be released in two phases - provisional answer key and final answer key. The final answer key for CUET 2023 shall be released after the closure of the objection window for the provisional answer key.

2. How can a student download the NTA CUET answer key 2023?

In order to download the answer key for CUET 2023, students are required to visit the official website of NTA CUET, which is, and enter their date of birth and application number in the login window.

3. When is the exam date for the NTA CUET 2023 exam?

The NTA CUET 2023 exam shall be conducted from 21st to 31st May 2023.

4. What is the processing fee for raising an objection against the CUET provisional answer key 2023?

The processing fee to challenge or contest the CUET answer key is Rs. 200.

5. What is the mode of payment for the CUET 2023 processing fee to challenge the answer key?

Applicants are free to pay the processing fee for challenging the CUET answer key 2023 via credit card, debit card, net banking, or PayTM.

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