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CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 8 Jalebis - PDF

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 8 Jalebis - Free PDFs with Exercises

Last updated date: 25th Mar 2023
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English is one of the most important subjects for students to learn different vocabulary words, stories, poems, etc. There are multiple stories and lessons in English for Class 8 students that need to pay undivided attention to, and one such interesting chapter is Jalebis. Jalebis is a story that revolves around a sweet, honest boy who was on his way to school but saw hot, tempting jalebis on his way. He couldn't resist himself and ended up paying his school fees to fulfil his sweet temptation. To ensure students understand this story well, they can use jalebi worksheets containing various exercises.

Sometimes, it is not easy to understand these lengthy stories quickly. Therefore, without putting much pressure on students, there is a fun way to make children learn any chapter, which is PDFs. Various PDFs with jalebi questions and answers will make it easy for the teachers to engage students in the learning process.

What You Will Learn From the Chapter Jalebi?

This chapter has a very meaningful storyline that will help students see life from different perspectives. There are multiple benefits to understanding this chapter, and some of them are listed below:

  • In the lesson, the jalebi summary teaches us to share everything. It is narrated in the story that the boy did not eat the jalebis alone; he bought them for his fellows as well.

  • Students will also learn the importance of making the correct decision at the right time. 

  • One of the most important morals this chapter conveys is 'look before you leap, which means do everything after analysing the future consequences.’  

  • Chapter Jalebi will help children enrich their minds with practical aspects of life and the importance of facing the consequences of your own decisions.

Some Examples and Exercises Based on  Jalebi Questions and Answers

Here are questions and answers based on the chapter on the Jalebi.  Students can go through these questions and practise them. 

A. Answer the following questions.

1. What did he do with the remaining jalebis?

Ans: He distributed the remaining jalebis to the boys in the neighbourhood.

2. What were the coins saying to the man?

Ans: The coins were trying to convince the boy to buy jalebis. The coins in his pocket said Jalebis were meant to be eaten only with the money in his pocket.

3. What did the old coin say to the boy?

Ans: The old coin said the boy could pay the school fees the next day after getting the scholarship. 

B. State true or false.

  • The boy did not eat the jalebi from his school fees _____.

  • The old coin did not say anything to the boy_____.

  • The boy eats the jalebis alone______.

  • The boy was tempted to eat chocolates______.

Download A Free PDF with Jalebi In English Answers

PDFs are the best way to encourage students to study to make learning fun and easy. It only makes understanding the chapters easier, but it is also less time-consuming. There are various advantages of using Jalebi worksheets, and some of them are listed below:

  • PDFs are the best choice to encourage students to learn the chapter in a better way. It is easy to download and has different exercises from the chapter. 

  • The PDFs are absolutely free and can be downloaded from Vendatu's website. 

  • The PDF has the lesson summary and quick jalebi questions and answers to help the students do last-minute revisions.  

  • Another advantage of these PDFs is that they are portable. Students can easily carry these with them anywhere. 

  • Students can also take the printout of these PDFs and learn the jalebi summary at their convenience.

Lastly, to ensure students get good marks in their exams, the expert teachers at Vedantu created a free PDF with Jalebi worksheets. These PDFs and worksheets will act as a blueprint of the chapter and help students clear their concepts easily. It is best for the learners to use the best study materials and the right pdfs to score good marks in English.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 8 Jalebis - PDF

1. What is the lesson we learn from the chapter Jalebis? 

The lesson we learn from the chapter Jalebis is that you should consider the consequences before making any decision as it can cause you trouble in the future.

2. What did the boy do after eating the jalebis? 

After eating jalebis, the boy prayed to God to give him five rupees for his school fee. 

3. Did the boy eat all the Jalebis alone?

No, the boy did not eat all the Jalebis alone. The boy shared the remaining jalebis with the boys assembled in the gali. 

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