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English Grammar Class 7 Agreement of Verbs - PDF

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Agreement of Verbs Class 7 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Many students experience tussles with the agreement of verbs. Don’t worry; the feeling is mutual and nothing new. In English, the agreement of verbs carries huge responsibilities in English grammar. Having the students know them like the back of their palm will indeed work in their favour as it will enormously expand their grammatical talents as they advance to higher classes.

To begin with, what is the agreement of verbs? Well, the title in itself is self-explanatory. It commonly includes coercing any specific grammatical theory or concept to work by other varied words or parts of a sentence (mainly concerning their number - singular or plural), creating an “agreement” between them. In Agreement of Verbs for class 7 English grammar, children learn how to create, find fault and distinguish between various agreements of sentences. Students can achieve these milestones through several subject verb agreement exercises for class 7 and subject verb agreement tests for class 7 that earnestly put their skills to the test.

Benefits of Learning Agreement of Verbs in Class 7 English Grammar

Making sure verbs agree with other parts of a sentence leads to perfect and flawless grammar. In subject verb agreement class 7, children will learn how to do that confidently.

  • Agreement of verbs is a pivotal reformer that improves the grammatical accuracy of sentences.

  • They are one of the most critical parts of English grammar, containing strict rules, which You will study in subject verb agreement rules class 7.

  • Most students find great difficulty studying it; hence, teaching this topic as a lone subject will enlarge their confidence and proficiency in English grammar.

  • The general agreement of verbs tells the readers/listeners about the number of the nouns/subject while sounding dignified and intelligent.

Examples of Usage of Agreement of Verbs for Class 

These are a few subject verb agreement exercises for class 7 examples :

1. Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Verbs -

  • The panther _____ her into the forest. (pursue, pursues)

  • The girls _____ at the volleyball team. (smirk, smirks)

  • Part of the land _____ to the prince. (belong, belongs)

2. Identify the Agreement of Verbs -

  • Hawks, together with his students, is at the hero academy.

  • Nobody was in sight to witness the act.

  • An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Interesting Facts/Rules About Agreement of Verbs for Class 7

The most important rule is that the verb's number will always act on the subject. Keeping this in mind, below are a few subject verb agreement rules class 7 -

  • If the subject is plural, the verb should be plural.  (Boys cry too.)

  • If the subject is singular, similarly verbs must be plural. (She swims away.)

  • Uncountable nouns always have singular verbs. (Everything comes with a price.)

  • A singular verb is used when two+ singular nouns/pronouns are connected by “or” or “nor .”(Neither Light nor L can walk away from each other.)

  • A plural verb is present if two+ nouns/pronouns are connected by “and” in the sentence’s subject. (Yor’s needles are usually kept clean and are always deadly.)

Important Topics of Class 7 Agreement of Verbs

These are the following topics you will be learning in Class 7 Agreement of Verbs -

  • What is the agreement of verbs, and how do you understand them?

  • Identify the several agreements in any sentence.

  • How to correct sentences by utilising proper agreements.

  • Fill in the blanks and choose appropriate verbs according to the agreement. 

  • Numerous other subject verb agreement worksheets grade 7.

Class 7 English Chapter 10 Free PDF Download

  • You can download the free pdf of the subject verb agreement exercises and worksheets for class 7 of all exercises, explanations, and tests of agreement of verbs for class 7 from the Vedantu’s website.

  • The subject verb agreement test for class 7 is available once downloaded.

  • the subject verb agreement test for class 7 pdfs will offer a great deal of understanding of verbs and their several agreements. 

  • You will find many subject verb agreement worksheets grade 7 pdfs, such as filling in with the correct agreeing verbs, pointing out the type of agreement, etc. This study material will provide enough to prepare for your exams thoroughly.

The subject matter experts at Vedantu give out exercises and worksheets that deal with agreement of subject and verb class 7, subject verb agreement rules for class 7, etc. This study material will help students spot even the most complicated of sentences and aid them in easily comprehending various grammatical concepts.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 Agreement of Verbs - PDF

1. How many rules does the subject-verb agreement contain?

There are thirteen to fifteen subject-verb agreement rules, with few being covered in the agreement of subject and verb class 7.

2. How do you identify these mentioned agreements?

Any sentence with verbs and subjects will almost always contain some agreement. Hence, a sentence without the presence of the agreement of verbs is nearly impossible to exist, as explained in subject verb agreement class 7.

3. Can there be a sentence without any verbs?

It is doubtful to have sentences that lack verbs. Every sentence will contain at least one verb, give or take. If there are no verbs, it is deemed an incomplete or incorrect (grammatically) sentence. However, it may be possible in imperative sentences, as they are just commands, orders, and summons.