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English Grammar Class 7 Notice Writing - PDF

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Notice Writing Questions for Class 7 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

Formal communication is an essential aspect of English grammar. It is vital for students to master formal communication from a tender age as it is a major element of the overall English NCERT curriculum. An important component of formal communication is notice writing. In simple words, we can define a notice as a hand-written, typed, or printed piece of news or information that is usually displayed to the public on a noticeboard. Notice writing class 7 students entail creatively penning down facts and summarizing them in a flowy and legible way. 

Notices are targeted at a particular cohort of persons, similar to news items. A notice can be an invitation to a meeting, an announcement, the issuing of certain instructions, making appeals, and so forth. In today’s day and age, solely sticking to the NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough. Students have to go the extra mile and recourse to ancillary study material to expand their horizons.

English Grammar Class 7 Notice Writing - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Notice Writing Class 7 Students

Notice writing topics for class 7 students is one of the critical chapters of the overall grammar syllabus, and students should have a firm grasp on it to score well in their examinations. 

  • Notice writing is the first stepping stone in learning formal communication for young minds.

  • Notice writing is a commonly used business communication tool, and mastering it allows students to understand the professional lexicon at a tender age.

  • Understanding notice writing topics for class 7 students is vital to hone their writing skills. 

It is important for a notice to be brief, concise, and to the point. Moreover, the crux of the message of notice should also be highlighted. 

Notice Format for Class 7 Students 

To get full marks in notice writing, students have to learn to design and present a notice that is compatible with the universal notice format class 7.

  • Name of the Organization – The first thing to write on notice is the organization’s name. It helps the readers identify who is issuing the notice.

  • Title – Interestingly, the title in notice writing is the word ‘notice’ itself, which should be written in bold.

  • Date – The third element of a notice format class 7 students is the date, which should be placed at the left corner of the page. The date helps the readers understand when the notice was issued, and it is beneficial for future reference. 

  • Heading – It is the subject of the notice, which enables the reader to anticipate the content of the notice.

  • Body – It is the primary content of the notice. It is essential to remember that the body of notice should be concise, brief, and to the point.

  • Signature And Designation – A notice format class 7 students ends with a signature of the person who composes it, and their designation. 

Notice Writing Examples for Class 7 Students 

Practicing notice writing examples for class 7 students is important to improve their command of formal communication. Let us look at an example where you have found a wristwatch, and you are drafting to inform all students about the same. You are Roshni of Class 7-B


August 4th, 2022

Found a wristwatch while playing in the playground in 2nd period. It is a Titan watch. Whosoever has lost their watch may contact and take it after giving the right details from the undersigned.

Class 7-B

Interesting Facts About Notice Writing Questions for Class 7 Students 

  • The ideal length of notice is 50 words.

  • No flowery text is entertained in notice writing.

  • The use of passive voice is encouraged.

  • All notices should be presented inside a box. 

Learn Notice Writing Questions for Class 7 Students with PDFs

The subject matter experts of Vedantu have curated the best in class PDFs to help young minds with notice writing. The PDFs by Vedantu include exercises on notice writing for class 7 with answers, interesting facts, tips and tricks, samples, and so forth. 

  • You can access Vedantu’s PDFs via mobile application or by visiting their website.

  • The PDFs are free to download with a click of the mouse.

  • Vedantu’s subject matter experts regularly update the content of the PDFs.

So, download Vedantu’s PDFs on English grammar and exercises on notice writing for class7 with answers now, and watch your child reach new zeniths.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 7 Notice Writing - PDF

1. What are two types of communication?

The two types of communication are – formal and informal communication.

2. When do we use a salutation in notice writing?

You should use a salutation in notice writing if it is intended for a particular audience.

3. What are the other types of formal communication?

Other formal communication examples include letter writing, article writing, report writing, etc.