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English Grammar Class 6 Prepositions

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Preposition Exercises for Class 6 - Get Free Updated PDF

A preposition is a part of speech that depicts a relationship between a noun and a pronoun and another section of the sentence. The noun or pronoun is referred to as the object of the preposition. In other words, prepositions are short words like, ‘to,’ ‘in.’ and ‘on,’ which we place before a noun or pronoun. Learning about preposition for class 6 is an integral part of their overall grammar syllabus.

Preposition is that concept of English grammar that even adults find difficult to grasp. As prepositions rarely have any rules, it is through concerted efforts, practice, and consistent reading that young minds can take command over prepositions. However, in today’s day and age, solely sticking to NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough. Parents and teachers should go the extra mile to provide additional study materials to students so that they excel in their classes.

English Grammar Class 6 Prepositions - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Learning Preposition for Class 6

Preposition is a topic that students of English grammar must learn to improve their overall command of English.

  • One of the primary benefits of learning preposition exercises for class 6 students is that their communication skills improve tremendously.

  • Prepositions also improve the ability of young minds to follow directions.

  • Learning prepositions allows children to form complex sentences with eae, and enhances their answer writing skills.

  • Prepositions help to contextualize a sentence.

Examples of Prepositions for Class 6 Students

  • The train arrived at 10 pm. Here, ‘at’ is the preposition of time.

  • Riya lives in Delhi. Here, ‘in’ is the preposition of place.

  • Mohini is driving in the wrong direction. Here, ‘in’ is the preposition of direction.

  • The villagers frightened away the tiger with fire. Here, ‘with’ is the preposition of an instrument.

  • Manish sent the letter by post. Here, ‘by’ is the preposition of action. 

All the exercises on Preposition for Class 6 with answers should include simple and relatable examples like the ones mentioned above.

Interesting Facts about Prepositions for Class 6 Students

  • Prepositions are words that never change their spellings.

  • Typically, prepositions do not have the same uses in sentences.

  • The most common prepositions are ‘above,’ ‘about,’ ‘across,’ ‘in,’ ‘on,’ and ‘from.’

  • In English grammar, prepositions are always used in two or more ways. 

  • There is no direct translation of prepositions.

  • The English language has almost 150  prepositions.

Combining exercises on Prepositions for Class 6 with answers and interesting facts is a good way to make the learning process more fun and exciting for young minds.

Importance Topics of Preposition Questions for Class 6 Students

The 19th chapter of the class 6 NCERT English grammar textbook is on prepositions. 

  • Understanding Prepositions

  • Prepositions of Time

  • Prepositions of Place

  • Prepositions of Direction

  • Prepositions of Motion

  • Prepositions of Position

  • Prepositions of Manner, Argument, or Instrument

Teachers and parents should ensure that preposition exercises for class 6 students should encompass the above stated topics.


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FAQs on English Grammar Class 6 Prepositions

1. What is a preposition of time?

The preposition that comes before a noun to show its relationship with another part of the sentence vis-à-vis time is known as a preposition of time. For example, ‘on,’ ‘at,’ ‘since,’ etc.

2. What are prepositions of manner?

Prepositions of manner, also known as prepositions, are those parts of  a sentence that express how a certain thing occurs or is done. For example, ‘by,’ ‘with,’ etc.

3. What are the types of prepositions of direction?

There are two types of prepositions of direction – simple and compound prepositions.