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CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 11 Vowels and Consonants - PDF

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CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 11 Vowels and Consonants - Download Free PDF with Solution

Last updated date: 18th Mar 2023
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Vowels and consonants are an integral part of the English alphabet. Do they sound a bit too much? Don’t worry, it is short lived and the finest of students come across all sorts of obstacles. In English, vowels and consonants hold major importance and are one of the key parts of English. Students will be able to boost their overall performance in English grammar once they familiarise themselves with vowels and consonants, as they advance to higher classes.

Starting off, what are vowels and consonants? A vowel is a sound represented by the letters a,e,i,o and u, which is made with an open mouth, with a free flow of air.  A consonant refers to the rest of the letters in the English alphabet, pronounced or spelt with a closed mouth, with either the lips, tongue or teeth blocking the flow of air. In vowels and consonants class 3, students will know what vowels and consonants are, how to spot, differentiate and use them in sentences, with the help of several vowels and consonants worksheets that test and train their language skills.

In this chapter students will come to know what vowels and consonants are and will get to know as much information as they can, sharpening their understanding of them. There are printable vowels and consonants worksheets and vowels and consonants exercises, which will provide the required  guidance for students to better this topic.

CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 11 Vowels and Consonants - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning Vowels and Consonants in Class 3 English Grammar Worksheet

The vowels and consonants worksheets are creative in nature, offering children the opportunities to be sincere in their studies, as well as have fun and find joy during their learning process. Their questions are framed in such a way that they will easily be able to answer them without any second thoughts or doubts.

The vowels and consonants worksheets contain more than enough material to make teaching and learning easier for both the teachers and students, respectively. It gives them a chance to have a wider perspective on this topic, significantly increasing their chances of understanding this topic faster and more effortlessly.

The quality and material is of the finest, as every single one of these worksheets, exercises, tests and pdfs are created by the very best grammarians, tutors and English professional teachers.

Examples of Usage of Vowels and Consonants Chapter 11 for Class 3

These are a few vowels and consonants exercise examples :

1. Fill in the blanks with the correct vowels :

  • I am cooking fish in a frying p_n.

  • The _wl is my favourite bird.

  • I bought a t_n of food.

  • She prefers spiced n_ts.

  • There are wild animals in this ar_a.

2. Fill in with the correct consonant :

(str-, ch-, fr-, -ble, -sms)

  • He rarely goes to __urch.

  • She shivered in __ight.

  • The house makes them trem___ in fear.

  • Mermaids reside in the deep, blue cha__ of the waters.

  • I was ___uck by a bolt of lightning.

Interesting Facts about Vowels and Consonants for Class 3

  • There are a total of 7 vowels (“w” and “y” are sometimes considered as vowels) and 21 consonants in the English alphabet.

  • When consonants are put together to form sounds like “ch” or “fr” or “sm” or “gh” or “th”, etc, they are called digraphs.

  • Vowels and consonants are part of a more advanced field of study: a branch of the English language called “phonetics” and/or “linguistics”.

  • Vowels and consonants are the two principal categories of speech sounds.

Important Topics of Class 3 Vowels and Consonants 

These are the following topics you will be learning in vowels and consonants class 3 -

  • What are vowels and consonants and how to use them in a sentence?

  • Filling in the blanks with the correct vowels or consonants to make the correct words.

  • Identifying vowels and consonants in words.

  • Many more printable vowels and consonants worksheets pdf.

What Does the PDF Consist Of?

  • Ever since technology and science came into the lives of humans, their advanced developments really have worked in our favour, most of the time.

  • Many services such as sms, mails, text messages, social media platforms and digital platforms to create and save content are doable by practically anybody.

  • The pdf form is undoubtedly one of the best services the world of technology has to offer us, taking a lot of burden off of our shoulders.

  • Pdfs of printable vowels and consonants worksheets are found at Vedantu’s website and are available for free downloads and revisions.

  • Pdfs allow the user to create, save, edit, highlight and of course, share their content with the rest of the world.


The English field experts associated with Vedantu also offer different printable vowels and consonants worksheets pdf that is available for free downloads, with no hassles or inconveniences. These PDFs bring out the best in the students of class 3, allowing them to master this chapter of vowels and consonants of class 3, significantly enhancing their grammatical and English capabilities.

FAQs on CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 11 Vowels and Consonants - PDF

1. What words contain the most number of vowels?

Many words contain several vowels. Few of them are :

  • Vengeance

  • Acquaintance

  • Tremendous

  • Voluptuous

  • Admirable 

2. What words have the most number of vowels?

There are words that contain very little to no vowels, though they aren’t used much:

  • Lymphs

  • Sphynx

  • Rhythm

  • Nymphs 

  • Gym

3. Where does the word “vowel” come from?

The word “vowel” is derived from the latin word “vox”, meaning “voice”.

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