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English Grammar Class 1 - Singular and Plural

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Singular and Plural Class 1 - Download Free PDF With Solution

Students find it hard when it comes to the singular and plural forms of nouns. If you feel the same way, don’t worry since the feeling is common at first. In singular and plural English grammar, it comes under the noun numbers, playing a simple yet important role in it. Once students are familiar with them, it'll help them get their grammar improved as they move on to higher classes.

In singular plural for Class 1, children will get to know how to use them for each noun based on the number, helping them to practise it on various objects and people. They will also be aware of the singular plural words for Class 1, knowing how to change the words based on their number and will get to know the concepts in this chapter. They will also learn the basics through many worksheets and exercises which improve their grammar skills greatly.

Benefits of Learning Singular and Plural in Class 1 English Grammar

  • The singular and plural forms of words determine the number of nouns.

  • Using them will give more clearness each noun plays in any sentence.

  • They are as important as the nouns, providing enough information on them.

  • Children struggle to differentiate between the singular and plural of nouns, so learning this as an independent chapter in singular and plural English grammar will improve their understanding of English grammar.

  • The plural or singular forms of words/nouns will tell us if they are mentioning any specific thing/person or in general, making it easier for students to understand slightly complex sentences.

Examples of Usage of Singular and Plural for Class 1

A few ways in which the exercises are practised in the singular plural worksheets for Class 1 are illustrated below:

  1. Write the plural of the nouns given below:

  • Book x _____

  • Child x _____

  • Tomato x _____

  1. Identify the type of nouns (singular or plural):

  • Brinjal - _____

  • Watches - ______

  • Family - _____

Interesting Facts about Singular and Plural for Class 1

  • If a noun/word refers to one object/person, then it is a singular noun (table, girl).

  • If a noun/word means more than one object/person, then it is a plural noun (tables, girls).

  • Usually, “s” is added to singular nouns to make it plural (chairs, pens).

  • “Es” is also added to a few words to make them plural (benches, potatoes).

  • It is easier to categorise them if you keep “one and many” in mind (one lamp, many lamps; one biscuit, many biscuits).

  • More of this will be learnt in one and many for Class 1.

Important Topics of Class 1 Singular and Plural 

These are the following topics you will be learning in singular and plural for Class 1.

  • What are singular and plural and how to use them?

  • Fill in the blanks with the singular/plural form.

  • Identify the singular/plural nouns/words.

  • A table of singular plural words for Class 1.

  • Various other 1st Grade singular and plural nouns worksheets.

Class 1 English Chapter 4 Free Pdf Download

  • You can download various 1st Grade singular and plural nouns worksheets for Class 1 from Vedantu’s website.

  • The pdf contains material which will help students understand what singular and plural nouns are.

  • You will find many singular plural worksheets for Class 1 pdfs, such as filling in the blank with singular/plural nouns, identifying the type of nouns, where and how to use the plural and singular, etc., which is useful for their exam preparations.

The subject experts associated with Vedantu give out several grammar worksheets and singular and plural exercises pdf, writing nouns as many or more than one or one such as the one many for Class 1 samples, which can easily be understood by the blooming minds of Class 1 and will help them to absorb grammar-related topics efficiently.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 1 - Singular and Plural

1. Can there be both plural and singular words in a sentence?

Absolutely, a sentence can have both forms of words more than once (There is this one girl who has many pencils).

2. What are certain words that mention the plural forms without “s” or “es”?

There are quite a few words that contain changes inside the word itself. They are as follows:

  • Man x men

  • Woman x women

  • Ox x oxen

  • Foot x feet 

  • Child x children

  • Goose x geese

3. Why is it important to study this topic?

Plural and singular verbs are important not only since they showcase the noun belonging to the “one or many” category but also because it is a part of the agreement of verbs, which they will come to know in their higher classes.