What Should Be the Strategy to Get 200+ in the JEE Main?

by Aparajita Das September 23, 2020

How Do I Score 200+ in JEE Main?

With the huge JEE syllabus, you might think of yourself as an explorer in the middle of the sea. However, with a few regular turns and a bit of expertise, the journey is not difficult. You might often come up asking yourself, “What should be the strategy to get 200+ in the JEE Main?” The answer lies within. A few wise steps, a focused mind along with proper efforts and guidance, and the game will be yours. Keep reading below to find out the smartest way to get 200+ marks in JEE Mains. 

What Should be the Strategy to Get 200+ in the JEE Main?

  1. A proper routine: A scheduled approach towards studying forms the basic steps of your strategy to get 200+ in JEE Main. You might go for a flexible schedule, but you will have to remain regular with your studies. 

  2. Constant revision: Revision is important, especially for formulae. You can fix your routine in such a manner where you get to revise at the weekends.

  3. Build your accuracy level: While preparing, do not solve questions based on the answers given. Solve them on your own like in a real exam. Do not refer to the answers unless and until you have solved all the questions from a particular chapter. There are likely to be a lot of mistakes. However, in the end, you will become more accurate and efficient at problem-solving.

  4. Develop a good speed: Now, the average time for solving a question in the JEE Main will be 2 minutes, if you want to attempt all the questions. Each question needs to be solved in just 2 minutes, even the most difficult ones. There is no substitute for practice. While practicing for accuracy, keep constant track of your speed and try to improve it as well.

  5. Try different methods while you prepare: For questions that seem difficult in the first go, try solving them with different methods while practicing. This will take time, but, this will let you know the quickest and easiest technique to approach a particular type of question. 

  6. Focus on knowledge and not on marks: Well, the saying for focussing on the knowledge instead of marks, goes correct. Focus on knowledge and problem-solving techniques, the marks will automatically come in the process. It is only when you enjoy what you learn, you will reach the summits.


What is the Smartest Way to Get 200+ Marks in JEE Mains?

You might often come up with the question as to what is the smartest way to get 200+ marks in JEE Mains. Always remember, the smartest in the house do not panic. Panic brings in the uninvited fear of failure, and the flavour gets rotten in the process. Motivate yourself to be able to live through the journey and learn in the process. The above-mentioned tips will work, but with your mind channelizing them with confidence and persistence.

How to Score 200+ in JEE Main 2021?

2021 is certainly a different year with all that’s happening. And, over and over again you will ask yourself, “How do I score 200+ in JEE Main?” Well, with blinders keeping you focused on your goals, you will surely find the answer to how to score 200+ in JEE Main 2021. Take advantage of this time at home, and make better efforts. Keep your practice relevant and constant. Follow the tips given above and you will crack the code on how to score 200+ in JEE Main 2021.

The most frequent question that one comes up with while preparing for the JEE Mains is, “How do I score 200+ in JEE Main?” Well, by now this article must have imparted the positivity on what to do and what not to do during the preparation days.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Should I Do with My JEE Backlogs?

Answer: Backlogs are common. Even if you keep yourself updated with a scheduled format of preparation, things might always not be the same. There might come days when you are not able to study. This way, backlogs surface up. If you are having backlogs, say it to yourself that there is no other choice than to clear them. Be systematic, add extra hours for backlogs along with the updated approach towards studies, and make sure you make optimum utilization of your time. 

2. How Do I Motivate Myself for the Exams?

Answer: Inspiration can come from anything and everything. It is not always easy to keep good mental health. And, after all, we are human beings. Whatever be the case, the ultimate motivation will come to you from within. It is only in your will to explore and grow that you will find inspiration. Do not let the preparation overburden you. That way, you will go on to get qualified but not educated. Keep yourself open to things that can have a positive impact on your knowledge and efficiency.

3. Is it Alright to Take Breaks During the Preparation Days?

Answer: Yes, it is alright to take breaks during preparation. The human mind requires rest, or in other words, our minds need some change to sustain the information it gets. Once you study for a considerable time, allow yourself to breaks that are necessary and rejuvenating. Without the inclusion of breaks, you will end up learning things without retaining the knowledge. Make your format of studying in a way that ensures, even with the inclusion of breaks, you are on track and updated.