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How to Score 200+ in JEE Main 2022 - Best Preparation Tips

By Manasvi GuptaJuly 16, 2022
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As a JEE Main 2022 aspirant, preparing for JEE Main with dedication and the correct strategy is very important if you want to get into a prestigious engineering college. This year's JEE Main dates have been announced already. In the month of June 2022, JEE Main Phase 1 exam will be held, and JEE Main Phase 2 exam will be held in July 2022. 

The time has come for candidates to work hard and give their best shot. To help candidates achieve higher scores in the JEE Main exam, we've compiled this article with special tips and tricks to ace the exam.

Preparation Tips

We have provided in this article an extremely effective strategy by which an aspirant can easily score 200+ marks in the JEE Main 2022 examinations. The aspirant can also use this article to prepare for other competitive exams as well.

JEE Main 2022 Topics with High Weightage

Having a thorough knowledge of what is more important to study and the topics that carry more weightage than others in the JEE Main is very important. Following are the subject-wise topics that carry the highest weightage in JEE Main:

Physics Topics with High Weightage

Chemistry Topics with High Weightage

Mathematics Topics with High Weightage

Top Tips to Score 200+ Marks in JEE Main 2022

Candidates can achieve a score of over 200 in JEE Main 2022 given they follow the correct strategy and do not make the common mistakes that most aspirants end up making during their preparation for JEE Main. We believe the following tips will take you far in JEE Main and aid you in scoring over 200 without much hassle in the premier examination:

  • Select the Right Study Material

Concentrate only on relevant material and don't read too many books. In order to prepare for an exam, the study material you use is critical. NCERT textbooks provide an excellent overview of JEE Main topics. Chemistry NCERT textbooks are particularly useful. There are more complex questions on the exam for subjects like Mathematics and Physics. There are therefore a few other good books you can use for the preparation of these subjects.

  • Create a Study Schedule

To begin well, you must create a study schedule. Give each subject the time and attention it deserves. Separate a notebook for each subject with all the important points and formulas. Rereading your own notes during JEE Main 2022 preparation will be very helpful. Be sure to follow your schedule strictly.

  • Brush Up on Your Basics

It is impossible to achieve a good score if you do not understand the basics of every subject. To solve complex problems, you must first focus on the basics. Regardless of how clear your understanding of the basic concepts is, it is always a good idea to keep revising them.

  • Stay Up-to-Date

It is crucial that you stay on top of the latest updates about the exam. Make sure you are aware of all the details about the syllabus, the exam dates, the exam pattern, the scores, etc.

  • Take Mock Tests and Solve Previous Years’ Papers

Making use of last year's papers and taking mock tests will help you prepare better for JEE Main 2022. Review your test performances on a regular basis. Identify the mistakes and correct them before taking the next test.

  • Stay Motivated and Inspired

It is important to stay motivated through the process of studying for JEE Main, given how vast the syllabus is. Set small goals when preparing for the test and continue to improve as you progress. Take short breaks when you need them. It will keep you relaxed and stress-free so you can perform better.

  • There is No Substitute for Revision

A revision study plan should be developed by each and every candidate preparing for JEE Main 2022. Ensure you review all concepts, fundamentals, formulas, and equations of Chemistry. Avoid getting stressed out and remain relaxed. As you prepare, you need to remain confident and avoid going back to your weak points because your confidence may be affected. Focus on your strengths and stay positive rather than stressing out your weaknesses.

  • Maintain a Healthy Routine

Having a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sleep is essential for good health. Students who don't maintain a healthy lifestyle will be unable to succeed in their exams. Make sure you do not overstrain yourself while studying for JEE Main.

  • Staying Calm and Composed is Vital

Prior to the exam, make sure you get adequate sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Before the test begins, prepare yourself for the test by getting to the test centre early. A fresh mind will allow you to perform better. Exams are not life-changing events, but rather learning experiences. In order to pass the exam, it is important to remember that it is only an assessment.

  • Formulate Exam Attempting Strategy

It is not a good idea to spend too much time trying to solve a problem that cannot be solved. Instead of answering that question, skip to the next one. The number of correct answers a student attempt determines their rank. The exam has negative marking, so answer questions accurately and avoid guessing.


Being the top-tier engineering examination in India, the JEE Main isn’t a cakewalk even for the school toppers. However, with proper planning and regular studies, scoring over 200 is easily possible for the candidates. We wish all the candidates preparing for the grand engineering examination all the best.

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FAQs on How to Score 200+ in JEE Main 2022 - Best Preparation Tips

1. What Should I Do with My JEE Backlogs?

Answer: Backlogs are common. Even if you keep yourself updated with a scheduled format of preparation, things might always not be the same. There might come days when you are not able to study. This way, backlogs surface up. If you are having backlogs, say it to yourself that there is no other choice than to clear them. Be systematic, add extra hours for backlogs along with the updated approach towards studies, and make sure you make optimum utilization of your time. 

2. How Do I Motivate Myself for the Exams?

Answer: Inspiration can come from anything and everything. It is not always easy to keep good mental health. And, after all, we are human beings. Whatever be the case, the ultimate motivation will come to you from within. It is only in your will to explore and grow that you will find inspiration. Do not let the preparation overburden you. That way, you will go on to get qualified but not educated. Keep yourself open to things that can have a positive impact on your knowledge and efficiency.

3. Is it Alright to Take Breaks During the Preparation Days?

Answer: Yes, it is alright to take breaks during preparation. The human mind requires rest, or in other words, our minds need some change to sustain the information it gets. Once you study for a considerable time, allow yourself to breaks that are necessary and rejuvenating. Without the inclusion of breaks, you will end up learning things without retaining the knowledge. Make your format of studying in a way that ensures, even with the inclusion of breaks, you are on track and updated.

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