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How to Prepare for JEE Main with Class 12 Board Exams?

By Bharath KMay 23, 2022
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A Strategy to Prepare for JEE Main along with Class 12th Board Exam

While students finish their school exams and wait for the CBSE Board Results, the JEE Exam comes as the next challenge. This article discusses ways to make the most out of the two years between the 12th Board Exam and the JEE Main Exam to reduce stress. Every science student in Class XI hopes of passing the JEE Exam and getting entrance to a prestigious Indian Engineering Institution such as NITs or IITs. 

Focusing on a goal in order to achieve one's dreams requires a proper strategy. In the same way, one has to plan and balance both Class XII exams and JEE preparation at the same time. This article explains how to prepare for JEE Main successfully and manage Class XII studies with JEE preparation without compromising either.

How to prepare for JEE Mains with Class 12 Board Exams?

Why is Preparation for JEE Different from the 12th Board Exam? 

JEE Main 2022 is only an objective examination with negative marking for incorrect answers. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics chapters from both classes XI and XII are combined in their syllabus. The difficulty level is really high, so it can serve as a screening procedure. Each correct answer is worth three marks, and each wrong answer has a penalty of one mark. The 12th Board exam, on the other hand, needs descriptive answers.

Their curriculum includes NCERT books for Class XII Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. They are moderately difficult, so students can easily pass the 12th Board exam. But before that student has to plan how many hours to study for board exams so that they can plan How to Prepare for JEE Main for the rest of the time. The situation is slightly different for state board students, who have a little greater difficulty level on the State Board exam. Moreover, there is no negative marking for any subject in the 12th Board exam, including Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Many students will pass the 12th Board exam and the IIT JEE prelims easily, but it becomes more difficult to pass the JEE Main and Advanced if they study late. Therefore, they must handle the situation carefully in order to pass both exams. Working hard and staying consistent are the keys to balancing several examinations in a short period of time. If students can put in their best effort, the JEE Main Syllabus for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry can be completed in Class XI. If not, you have to plan accordingly on how to prepare for IIT JEE in Class 12. They should then focus more on problem-solving in Class XII. Solving numerical problems will also assist students to prepare for the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics board exams in Class XII. 

If you wish to know how to prepare for IIT after the 12th, it is worth mentioning that it will be very difficult as the time will be too less. However, you can refer to the below mentioned tips and perform better by starting early. 

Tips to Prepare Board Exams and JEE simultaneously

  • It is important to have the correct preparation strategy and stick to it if you want to achieve your goals. Make the most of your board exam preparation time to enhance your JEE Main preparation. Be smart and create a well-structured plan that includes both the Board exam and JEE Main preparation requirements.

  • It is preferable to divide your preparation time accordingly to ensure that each subject gets adequate importance. Plan on how many hours to study for board exams and how many hours for JEE Preparation. Spend equal time revising each subject before taking the sample/mock and previous year's tests. Exam preparation should consist of a mixture of syllabus revision and practice tests. You will be able to revise the syllabus while also taking sample/mock/past year's papers.

  • Select the most appropriate study and revision plan. When school students are overwhelmed with a variety of reference books from various publishing houses, it is important to stay on track with the proper books. NCERT textbooks are the best option. Use revision notes provided by Vedantu. You can also make ready concise notes containing chapter wise formulas and important points for in-depth knowledge of topics and tricks learned.

  • Make sure you understand the basics. Modern, Optics and Electricity are the three major sections of physics. Spend more time on the difficult sections. Pay extra attention to the three subjects' difficult topics. Do not neglect chemistry, which has a high scoring scope. More work is needed for inorganic. Numerical practice is required in physical chemistry. Past papers are extremely useful in understanding the format, distribution, and types of questions that are asked.

  • Study papers from previous years. Attempting previous years' test papers for Board exams and JEE Main can help you improve your skills and concepts that you are doubtful about, and also familiarise yourself with the exam environment.

  • Take mock tests. It is not too late to evaluate your weak points and work to close the gap. Taking JEE Main practice tests can help you understand your present level of preparedness as well as your weaknesses. Since JEE Main is now conducted entirely online, you can enrol Vedantu online test series to gain experience and familiarity with the format.

  • For the JEE Exam, what counts most is not only how much we know, but also how much we can deliver in the three hours given. Many students make the mistake of answering the questions in sequence, only to find that they don't have enough time to answer the questions they know how to answer. It's important to note that JEE is a low-score exam. Even a pass mark of 60% will give a student a respectable rank and a good branch at a reputed college. Rather than attempting all of the questions, your goal should be to attempt all of the ones you are confident of answering correctly.


The combined study of the JEE Main and board exams can put a lot of pressure on students. A very good plan, on the other hand, can allow balancing the preparations for both exams is simple. We have shared crucial suggestions and tricks for students to prepare a smart and efficient strategy to crack both examinations in this article.

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