JEE Mains Online or Offline Exam Preferable?

by Sagar Mankar, August 18, 2020

Consistent with the existing trend, JEE Main is now online as well as offline. It is a good opportunity for students to appear for the exam online or offline as per their own convenience. Online exams are held to be relatively error-free. Hence, students will be able to score well without any dispute on the questions being rightly answered.

Nowadays, most of the students prefer online exam over the offline exams. Candidates are preparing for the exams by using online study materials written by JEE expert teachers, including live discussions. Thereby, candidates prefer online exam as they are practising for online tests.

The exam pattern for JEE Main is online or offline in 2020 for B. Tech and B.E courses. It will be held online for 300 marks. B. Arch exams will be partly online and partly offline. Paper 1 and Paper 3 examination is going entirely online, whereas Paper 2 will hold in both online and offline mode for 400 marks. However, the drawing test is entirely in offline mode.

What are the Noteworthy Differences Between JEE Online and Offline Exams?

JEE is the national level entrance exam conducted for engineering students. The examinations are to be held online and offline, which will help the students to get into B. Tech courses offered by NITs and IITs and other institutions. There are lakhs of candidates attempting in the exam offered with two options of JEE Mains online or offline.

Most of the offline exams are shifted to online mode as it is the need of the hour. Results can be processed faster. Moreover, students are opting for online mock tests and predictably, choosing online exams.

Let us look at the pros and cons of JEE Main online test.

  • Advantages of Choosing JEE Main Online Mode of Examination

Are you worried about wrongly answering a question in the paper due to sheer mistake? In online exams, answers can be change at any point during the examination. Even after marking a specific answer, candidates have a chance to alter it. It makes it possible for the candidates to correct the wrongly marked answer.

In online exams, much less time is taken for answering as opposed to filling the bubbles in an OMR sheet. It is easier to answer in an online exam with just a click for each question.

When considering about JEE Main exam online or offline, in the former if you want to revise a set of answers, then students have the option of tagging those to be reviewed later. It helps to re-check the answers, which also leads to student being able to score higher.

The arrangement of online exam does not differ from that of the offline mode. The online tests are conducted at several engineering colleges and schools. A candidate will be given a designated centre to appear for the exam and such center will have the due facilities for the candidates so that they do not face any problem during exam.

Also, it is the responsibility of the center to take all such measures that are needed to ensure that the online exam can be conducted free of glitches. Basic computer knowledge is enough for the students to appear in the online examination. 

Having a practice of online mock tests beforehand is necessary to score well and subsequently appear for Advanced exam after clearing the Mains. JEE Advance is held entirely online. 

If time is lost due to technical error during examination, the same will be compensated accordingly. So a candidate can start the exam from where he or she had stopped.

Usually, JEE Main online exam is held one week after the JEE Mains offline exam. 

  • Disadvantages of choosing JEE Main Online Mode of Examination

In offline mode exam, a candidate will be able to take the question sheet with them to check the answers they have attempted. On the other hand, it will not be possible in an online exam as there are no physical copies of the question paper.

Moreover, unless a candidate has taken adequate online mock tests, he or she may feel tired in the course of the examination having to look at the computer screen for three hours at a stretch.

Tips to Prepare for JEE Main Online Exam

Irrespective of the JEE Mains online or offline exam, a candidate needs to have a proper exam strategy. However, there are certain aspects that should be given due consideration with respect to the online examination.

Read on to know more about the various aspects that have to be kept in mind while appearing for online examination.

1. Following Instructions Carefully

Candidates will be provided extra time to follow the instructions before the examination starts. Therefore, they need to read the instructions carefully within the stipulated time. In the event that a candidate fails to take note of a specific instruction, he or she is likely to face a problem during the examination.

2. Read the Question Fully

First of all, students need to understand the questions before attempting a particular answer. In both JEE Mains online or offline, if the candidate fails to understand the question correctly, the wrong answer is likely to be marked. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that each question is understood accurately to score well.

3. Time Management

Do not waste time to answer a question that you do not know. Proceed to the next question as time is of essence. The exam will have to be finished within due time, and at the same time marking correct answers in order to attain a high score.

4. Using Rough Sheet

Whether it is JEE Mains online or offline candidates will have to make a lot of calculations.  In an online examination, candidates will be provided rough sheets for their calculations. It is advisable to not do the calculations in mind, unless absolutely sure. It is better to use the rough sheet provided to ensure accuracy in the calculations. 

5. In-depth Understanding of the Syllabus

While this point may be applicable for both modes of examination, it holds particular significance in case of online examination. If there is lack of adequate practice in online mock tests, looking the computer screen for the entire duration of examination can be disorienting. Furthermore, if the candidate does not have a good grasp over the entire syllabus, it likely that questions can appear to be unfamiliar too! Hence, it is in best interest of the student have followed and understood the syllabus in its entirety. 

6. Consistent Revision of Important Concepts

It is one of the essential strategies to adopt in order score high in the exam. The unfamiliarity that online examination may bring forth, it may be offset with immediate identification of correct answers to the questions. Hence, the revision of important concepts cannot be stressed enough in JEE Main exam online or offline.

Final Words

It will be a prudent decision to appear for the online exams owing to its various benefits. By now you must have some idea about why candidates would prefer JEE Mains online or offline exams. However, it is imperative that you make the choice in accordance to your strengths and limitations as the ultimate objective is to clear the JEE Mains examination. The thing you have to necessarily consider is in which mode of examination do you feel confident.

JEE Mains Online or Offline Exam Preferable?