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How To Score 60+ In JEE Main 2024 Physics: Master Tips

By MayukhaDecember 19, 2023
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JEE Main 2024, one of the highest-rated engineering exams, is just around the corner. JEE Main aspirants must now brace themselves for the tough challenge ahead and prepare accordingly if they want to succeed. A smarter exam preparation strategy is necessary if you want to succeed.

One of the high-scoring subjects in the JEE Main exam 2024 is Physics. Due to the extensive syllabus of JEE Main and the fact that the preparation also takes place along with the board exams, you must consider what your priorities are for the exam. For a good score in JEE Main, candidates must have the right preparation strategy for Physics. With Vedantu's JEE Main Physics preparation tips, you can achieve your goals and succeed.

JEE Main 2024 - Topic-Wise Weightage

Before beginning to prepare for any competitive examination, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the syllabus and the weightage of individual topics. For candidates hoping to score high in JEE Main and secure a seat at a premier engineering institute, they must be aware of the syllabus as well as topic-wise JEE Main weightage. The following table shows the topic-wise weightage of JEE Main's Physics section:

JEE Main 2024 - Most Important Topics

Once you have a clear understanding of the syllabus, the next step is knowing the topics that need to be prioritized while preparing for an examination of the stature of the JEE Main. Having a comprehensive understanding of the most important topics will not only increase a candidate's confidence but also increase his or her chances of scoring well and passing the test comfortably. The most important topics from the Physics syllabus for JEE Main are given in the following:



Heat & Thermodynamics


Wave Optics


Electromagnetic Waves




Error & Instrument Analysis




Wave Optics


Photoelectric Effect




Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current








Current Electricity & Capacitors


Properties of Matter


Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism


Bohr’s Atomic Model


Waves & Sound


Heat Transfer




Nuclear Physics & X-Rays


Work, Energy & Power


Units & Measurements


Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation


Circular Motion


Center of Mass & Collisions


Communication Systems


Laws of Motion


JEE Main 2024 - Recommended Books

Foolproof and top-notch preparation is imperative for prestigious exams like JEE Main. Only when you are well aware of the best sources of study materials for JEE Main, you can prepare well for the exam. Below is a list of books that students should read and refer to for their preparations for JEE Main Physics.



Concepts of Physics Volume I and Volume II

H.C. Verma

Feynman Lectures on Physics

Feynman, Leighton and Sands

Problems in General Physics

IE Irodov

Objective Questions on Physics- Chapterwise Solved Papers

D.C. Pandey

Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Problems in Physics

AA Pinsky

Advance Physics

Nelkon and Parker

JEE Main 2024 - Tips To Score 60+

Studying hard is not good enough to score good marks in an examination like JEE Main. Candidates should do much more than just study hard to score, like improve their time management skills and enhance accuracy, to crack the 2024 JEE Main. Following are some tips that can help candidates prepare better for Physics in JEE Main.

  • Precise Strategy to Attempt Questions

A recommended strategy for tackling the JEE Main paper is to start with Chemistry, followed by Maths, and then Physics. This order aligns with the nature of questions in each subject. Chemistry involves more fact-based questions, which are generally easier. Maths has logical questions, and Physics tends to have more challenging calculations. By starting with Chemistry, students can secure some marks before progressing to more intricate sections. Additionally, considering a student's command of each subject is crucial in determining the order that suits them best. This approach enhances efficiency and performance in the exam.

  • Questions Segregation

It is important to categorise questions according to their difficulty level. It is expected that 30 questions in the JEE Main paper will be easy in terms of difficulty. In other words, 120 marks are easily achievable. It will be possible for students to get ranked among 2,00,000 candidates if they score 120 marks.

  • Previous Years’ Papers

Solving previous year's JEE Main papers and analyzing results is very effective. As a result, you will also be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. In order to get good marks, it is important to know your strengths so you can identify which questions to try first.

  • Accuracy is the Key

Rather than focusing on weaker areas, it is preferable to attempt questions on topics you have a great grasp on. Your time and energy will be saved this way. You will also score high if there is a minimum impact of negative marking on your test.

  • What and What Not to Attempt

Correct answers weigh more heavily than attempted questions, so students must keep that in mind. Also, don't attempt questions you don't know the answer to. The more questions you answer, the more likely negative marking is going to affect your score. If you skip questions that seem too difficult, you will save time and be able to devote more time to questions that seem more straightforward.

  • Time Management

Once the exam has been completed, it is important to review the attempted questions for possible errors. Thus, good time management will allow you to save at least 15 minutes out of three hours for revising the paper again.

JEE Main 2024 - Benefits of Online Preparation via Vedantu

Embracing the era of e-learning, platforms like Vedantu have revolutionized exam preparation for students. With increased internet accessibility and smartphone usage in India, Vedantu offers a diverse range of resources for effective JEE Main preparation.

1. E-learning Convenience:

  • Platforms like Vedantu offer students the flexibility to prepare for competitive exams comfortably at home.

  • The decreasing cost of the internet in India has led to a surge in smartphone usage and online courses.

2. Vedantu's Resources:

  • Vedantu provides access to video lectures, JEE Main mock tests, and study materials for comprehensive exam preparation.

  • The platform offers solutions to questions from major authors' books, All India Mock Tests, and live video lectures, catering to students' diverse needs.


Study resources such as JEE Main previous years' papers, toppers’ experiences, and tips from the experts are of high value for candidates preparing for the examination. Knowing what topics are the most important, which ones have been covered more in the past exams, how to remember the formulae, and other factors can make one’s preparation more goal-oriented. We hope JEE Main aspirants can gain some benefits from it and score well in their upcoming JEE Main 2024.

FAQs on How To Score 60+ In JEE Main 2024 Physics: Master Tips

1. How can I score 60+ in JEE Main 2024 Physics?

Focus on understanding key concepts, practice regularly, and pay attention to numerical problem-solving for a solid foundation in Physics.

2. What topics should I prioritize to achieve a score of 60+ in JEE Main Physics?

Concentrate on mastering Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Optics, and Modern Physics, as these are crucial for achieving a higher score.

3. Is regular practice essential for scoring well in JEE Main Physics?

Yes, consistent practice in solving a variety of Physics problems is vital to improve problem-solving skills and accuracy.

4. How can I approach numerical problem-solving in Physics for JEE Main?

Develop a systematic approach, practice solving numerical problems regularly, and focus on understanding the underlying concepts for effective numerical problem-solving.

5. Any tips for time management during JEE Main Physics exam?

Allocate time wisely among different sections, start with topics you are most comfortable with, and save ample time for challenging sections to ensure a balanced and effective time management strategy.

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