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JEE Main 2022: Last 7 Days Preparation Strategy

By Asmita KunduJune 12, 2022
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As the date for JEE Main 2022 approaches, we've compiled just the tips you need to elevate your preparation in the last few days before the exam. In light of the short timeline and the assumption that you have prepared thoroughly for the exam, we thought some last-minute tips and tricks might be helpful in boosting your JEE Main 2022 scores.

JEE Main 2022 - Last 7 Days’ Strategy

The last few days before any examination are very crucial. A candidate’s approach in these final few days can either make or break their chances of cracking examinations such as JEE Main. We have curated a few tips for our readers to make the best use of the last few days before the 2022 JEE Main examination and boost their chances of sailing through the test with flying colours.

Revise The Important Formulas, Theorem, and Reactions

For aspirants to IIT-JEE, revision is an essential study activity. Students should therefore conduct revisions before the main exam and go over all the JEE Important Formulas, theorems, and reactions. By doing so, they'll find it easier to answer any questions. Creating flashcards and writing down the formulas are also helpful. Candidates who have prepared last-minute JEE Revision Notes for the 2022 JEE Main are advised to spend this time revising short-hand information to ensure that it is firmly ingrained in their minds.

JEE Main 2022 - Revision Strategy for Last 7 Days

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Take Online JEE Main Mock Tests

With just 7 days left for JEE Main 2022, candidates should check their level of preparation by going through JEE Main Sample Papers and JEE Main Mock Tests and then see what topics they are finding difficult to tackle. By doing so, they will get to know specific topics without having to waste a lot of time. Furthermore, they can learn about the JEE Main Exam Pattern, the types of questions, and the marking scheme. Having this knowledge will help candidates prepare better for the actual exam.

Solve Previous Year JEE Main Papers

Solving JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers is just as important as solving the new sample papers and mock tests. As we said before, this will help you get a clear idea of the exam pattern and familiarise you with the kinds of questions that are generally asked in JEE Main. We advise our readers to solve JEE Main from the past 10 years to gain a better understanding of the question paper and walk into the examination hall with enhanced confidence.

Avoid Overworking

Many students often stay up until the wee hours of the morning before exams. Most of the time, candidates study for quite a long time and it is far more than the amount of time required. Such an approach is wrong, be it an exam or life, in general. They must get a significant amount of sleep and rest. Then, and only then, they will be able to study properly with a fresh mindset. Candidates should not only sleep well and eat well but also exercise regularly for a fit mind and body.

Don’t Start a New Topic

It is never a good idea to start a new topic in the final few days before any examination, whether you have completed your syllabus or not. You will only cause yourself more anxiety and stress. Instead, concentrate on reviewing the topics you have already studied.

Don’t Panic

In most cases, when less time is left, students become anxious due to the topics that were missed by accident. Providing there is sufficient time to discuss these topics, it is recommended that they do so. You can just strengthen your knowledge of the topics you already know if you don't have much time. You don't have to worry about things that have already slipped out of hand.

JEE Main - Exam Day Strategy

The day of the exam is the most important day for a candidate taking any competitive exam. One mistake during the final hours can ruin the months- or years-long preparation in a few moments. Following are some tips a candidate should follow while appearing for the JEE Main 2022 examination.

Read and Understand the Questions Thoroughly

While attempting JEE Main, students tend to rush over due to anxiety or other factors. In order to figure out exactly what is being asked, it is crucial to concentrate on the words used in the question and not let the anxiety take over you in the final few hours that are going to decide your near future.

Make Use of Option Elimination Theory

The candidates are well aware of the fact that the choices available in multiple-choice questions are similar to each other. As a result, they should read all the options carefully before eliminating the inaccurate ones in questions they are not really sure about.

Divide Your Time Wisely

Time management takes one a long way, be it any examination or other aspect of study and work. For each question, an appropriate amount of time must be allotted for each question, so that no time is wasted on a difficult question that would otherwise be used for other possible questions. Therefore, candidates should mark a question for later if it seems more time-consuming and proceed with the next.

Don’t Guess the Answers 

JEE Main 2022 candidates should avoid guessing and only attempt questions that they are 100% sure about. Guessing answers to questions you’re not sure about will not only waste time but also increase the chances of losing vital marks because of negative marking.

Overall, it can be said that anxiety levels have remained quite high in the last two days, so relax and keep calm. Your mind should not be further stressed by any extra tests or studying in the last few days. A good way to align your biological clock and brain is to sleep and wake up at a proper time and take tests according to the schedule. You will be able to make the best use of your mind and body by doing this. 

With that said, we wish all our readers preparing for JEE Main 2022 all the best for their examination and hope for their success.

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